Monday, April 30, 2007

I Got Tagged!

I got tagged by Shauna at Pass The Chocolate. With a little get to know you meme. You know what I like best about memes? It's an easy post and I like linky love. So here goes...

The Rules:

  1. I will write 10 sordid boring interesting things about myself.
  2. I'll tag 10 (Do I even know 10 bloggers??? That would actually respond??) people.
  3. If you've been tagged, you do your own list and tag 10 more people. ("No tag backs.")

The Facts:

  1. Before I had kids, I NEVER watched or baby sat a child or baby.
  2. I am the baby of my family...and I definitely act like it.
  3. I'm a non-practicing virgin (hence the kids).
  4. I have no spleen. I had a splenectomy when I was 17 years old.
  5. I've been told I look like Thandie Newton, Brooke Burke, Tia Carrere and Talisa Soto (Strange, I know.)
  6. I play fantasy football every year.
  7. I don't have any chocolate to pass to Shauna because I don't like chocolate.
  8. I'm a bleeding heart liberal...or as my in-laws would call me-- a demo-nazi. (I don't know why that would make sense).
  9. My favorite alcohol is Belvedere Vodka.
  10. I'm a sucker for fatty food.

The Linky Love (Tag--> you're it):

  1. Brillig
  2. Wiping Up Snot
  3. In the Trenches of Mommyhood
  4. I'm Laughing At Myself
  5. Jackie
  6. Adoringly M
  7. Playgroups are No Place For Children
  8. Butrfly Garden
  9. Thought Spark
  10. Goldy
Happy Monday everyone!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Super Silly Search Sunday 4/28/2007

It's that time again folks. This time I decided to do a search on the thing that kinda started this Sunday post ritual. Especially since someone went searching for it...AGAIN and found my blog. I was of course talking about my boobs but somehow it lost its context in the whole google search and popped up in a "Cure for Saggy Ball sack" search. This time someone left out a word. They only searched for "Cure for Saggy Balls". Someone else also found my blog by searching for "deaux porn star". Is that the name of a porn star or something? In any case, today's search was...(drum roll)

"my boobs hang low in a knot"

This search only had about 55,000 results. The number one search result brought me to a site that I've decided to bookmark. It's by another Southern California lady. Her boobs hang low post was in reference to a bra-less Meg Ryan. It was actually kind of funny however, I do side with one of her commentors because I love the old Meg Ryan romantic comedies. French Kiss is one of my favorites (even though it's not listed here)

This post about Barbara Streisand is pretty funny too. It's some sort of blog that makes up captions for silly pictures. I may have to add this to my bookmarks as well.

Some other things I found:
  • A site devoted to dirty school yard songs rememember those from your youth?
  • A post about the side effects of nursing.
  • This site led me to an even better site that makes me feel better about my stretch marks and saggy ball sack boobs. (because even though stretch marks happen to 50% of all pregnant women, Los Angeles seems to only have stretch mark free mommies-- except of course for me and my sister. And that really blows. But Yay! I finally know that I'm not the only one.).
  • This was a post about getting older. It's kinda nice to know that women who don't have children or breast feed still suffer through the same saggy-ness.
  • This woman claims she can hold SEVENTEEN pencils under EACH breast. W-O-W! Talk about athleticism.
The rest of the results got kind of vague and only had 2 or 3 of my search terms. But there you have it. Lots of other people have saggy boobs. S

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Guess What??

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Finally! Someone actually heard the little violin that was playing my sob story in my last post. I was beginning to think I was the only one that could hear it. Jackie nominated me for two categories. Feel free to vote for me by clicking the buttons below...

My site was nominated for Best Parenting Blog!

My site was nominated for Hottest Mommy Blogger!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to go sing...

I'm too sexy for my shirt too sexy for my shirt So sexy it hurts And I'm too sexy for Milan too sexy for Milan New York and Japan

And I'm too sexy for your party Too sexy for your party No way I'm disco dancing

I'm a model you know what I mean And I do my little turn on the catwalk Yeah on the catwalk on the catwalk yeah I do my little turn on the catwalk

wink, wink

Thanks Jackie and Butrfly for pitying mevoting for me. You guys are the bestest!

BTW-- I forgot to mention that whenever The Princess changes her clothes, she rubs her belly, dances , and screams "I'm soooooo sexy". Talk about a mothers worst nightmare. She's not sexy. She's my baby :-( Who the heck is teaching her this stuff?

Monday, April 23, 2007

I Think Therefore I Ham

Ta Da!! It's me-- the wonderful winner of The Thinking Blogger Award. It's great to be a "winner" of such a prestigious award. Especially because I was snubbed by other award "ceremonies". And really, hiccup, it doesn't bother me hiccup, at all. And um, I kinda sometimes hiccup agreed with hiccup table for five hiccup until she too hiccup joined the ranks of hiccup this award. just kidding (I think). But alas, I digress...I was actually nominated by two people:

1. Mr. Thought Sparks who also happens to have a really good post about Home Network Best Practices and this really ROFL youtube video of a baby laughing.

2. Ms. Butrfly Garden. Please visit her site and sponsor Team Isabella in the March of Dimes. She also has several great posts on how to make the world a little bit cleaner.

Thanks guys for my very first blogger award (even if it's really a meme that the Thinking Blogger wanted to start). I'm glad I make you think about silly things thought provoking stuff like eating poop and training The Princess to be a useful helper. Hee Hee. Somebody's got to get the wheels turning on such important topics right? I'm just talking about the things everyone really wants to hear about and who knows...maybe one day my posts will never one day help you win a game of Triva Pursuit.

Now that I've gotten my acceptance speech out of the way, it's time for me to tell you who has me thinking. As a disclaimer, I don't always comment on their posts (but I do read them), so I don't know if they actually read my blog but they really do make me think (i.e. I'm not sure if they'll keep the meme going).

Here are the Instructions:

1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think.

2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of this award.

3. Optional: Proudly display the “Thinking Blogger Award” (here is an alternative silver version if gold doesn’t fit your blog.)

And the nominees are:

Sorry to cut this short but The Princess had declared that she's leaving me and that I better hurry up. BTW-- she's so smart that she brought me a magazine from the bathroom and said "look mama I found Amekan Idol" was the American Idol issue of People magazine. How did she know it was American Idol??? Also: if there are typos, time to proof.

Who Does She Think She Is?

If you're here because of a Thinking Blog post, I'm still working on my acceptance speech. Please check back later for my post.

I think my babysitter thinks she's the new queen at my house. We had her come over because we had a wedding to attend last Saturday and the reception was an "adult only" reception. (Who wants to bring the kids anyway? It always means that I have to keep an eye on them.) The first thing she did was comment on our landscaping (we bought the house brand new last year and we are just now finishing the landscaping). She told us what type of plants we should add and where. Here are some of the other things she did:

  • She threw out the snow peas I was drying out so I could plant the seeds. Alright, so she probably thought I forgot about the snow peas and that I was letting them fester (originally, I did leave them there festering but then I came up with the idea to save the seeds). We ARE a little untidy but who is she to judge what our actual trash is?
  • She ran the dishwasher with some items that should absolutely not be put in the dishwasher--like my All Clad pots and pans. The heat ruins the pans.
  • Some of the items she put in the dishwasher were already clean (sometime we wash pots and things and dry them in the right side of the sink-- so I'm lazy about drying the pots-- but at least I clean them)
  • She always brings her little "Yo quiero taco bell" dog and her dog tracked dirt all over my dark wood floors. (she feels the need to clean our dishes but not her own dog's paws)
  • The dog made my cats nervous and they peed all over.
  • She let my kids drop Triscuit crumbs all over our rug.
  • The first thing she does when she gets to our house is grabs a bottle of water...then leaves her bottles around after she leaves.
  • She doesn't do this any more but I once caught her doing her own laundry at our house.
These are just little annoyances and I can deal with them. She's really good with our kids and that's the important thing. So despite my little rant, she's awesome.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Super Silly Search Sunday 4/22/07

I'm not sure if you realized it-- but I scammed my Sunday title off of a Dora Episode (remember Super Silly Fiesta?). Only true fans of the show would know this. At any rate, my super silly search today was (drum roll)

"Baby Eats Poop"

Oddly enough, when I typed it into google-- it actually completed the words for me. So there must be tons of people searching the same thing and there were 1.2 million search results. Wanna know what popped up? The number one site that came up was a site dedicated to explaining all things poop. It describes what poop is comprised of and provides a Q and A section. The author also talks about eating poop. (YUCK, excuse my while I vomit just thinking about it). The site is really quite fascinating and gross at the same time.

It also brought me to a blog post about how you can eat a baby's poop. As if. You've got to be a certain kind of crazy to do that.

Some other sites of note that popped up

The last few items on the above list were because I actually modified the search to look for "Baby Eats Poop" in blogspot only. I feel kind of left out. There are a lot of mommy blogs about poop--and I haven't had a one. I think the closest I've gotten to a poop post is # 62 and 63 and the short do you wanna see my poo poos blurb. So now, it's my privilege to announce that I finally did a poop post. And now, you'll probably be able to find my blog by searching for "Baby Eats Poop".

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Potty Wars

Battling the diaper is a dangerous job. But someone's gotta do it.

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Happy Day!

Disclaimer: This post is reminiscent of my college days.

I almost forgot until I looked at the date today... Happy 420 everyone! Go out and celebrate with a good, kind, bud. wink, wink

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I Still Got It (I Think)

The other day, we went to a nearby hospital to visit Breadwinner's grandma. The rooms at the hospital were not private, so his Grandma had a roommate.

Grandma's roommate was entertaining visitors as well when we walked in. Breadwinner was carrying JR Peanut-- so of course The Princess whined until Breadwinner picked her up with his other arm. The Breadwinner and the kids stood in the direct view of the roommate's visitors. The visitor looked up at my kids and husband and said loudly, (as only old people can)

"Those kids are cute. They're so good looking that they must have a really beautiful mother"

Perplexed, the Breadwinner replied, "What's that supposed to mean?"

Uh... DUH! It means I'm H-O-T, hot! OK--so, it's like, the geriatric ward. But hey-- after two kids, I take what I can get!!! :-)

In honor of my new found geriatric hotness, I thought I share my porn star name from my myspace page.

Your Porn Star Name Is...
Little Miss Muff

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Crib Annoyances

We have a Pali Crib. For the most part, I love it. It's cute, well built, ya da, ya da, ya da. The only annoying thing about it is the crib railing that goes up and down. If I hadn't lost part of my brain due to #96, I'd be able to tell you the exact name of the crib railing thing-a-majigy. But it eludes me and for whatever reason, I can't find it on the internet either. But I digress, the thing-a-majigy has been the cause of some of my sleepless time because my baby is sooo sensitive to sounds when I put him down to sleep.

You see, I'm short. I'm only 5'2 and I have to have the thing-a-majigy down when I put him down. After I rock or nurse him to sleep, I lay him down. Then I have to pull the thing-a-majigy back up. Every f*ckin time I raise it up, it clicks or if I push on it so that it doesn't click-- it shakes the bed and wakes up the baby. When the baby wakes up, I have to push the thing-a-majigy back down, rock him to sleep, put him down, lift up the thing-a-majigy and then...CLICK.

It's a vicious cycle. I curse the thing-a-majigy...a lot. Especially when it's four o'clock in the morning. I wouldn't be surprised if JR Peanut winds up with a potty mouth. I'd keep the thing-a-majigy down but he likes to stand up in his crib and I don't want him to fall out.

If only I was taller...and had longer arms.

The Fall

On Monday, I TiVO'd Dancing With The Stars and I finally made some time to watch it this morning. Oooooh! I should have watched it live! Paul McCartney's ex, Heather Mills fell! It didn't happen until the end of her dance--so I kinda think that ABC told her to fall. Everybody has been waiting to see her either fall and/or see her prosthetic leg fly off mid-dance.

After watching her the first few weeks, I was beginning to think it wasn't going to happen. Heather is actually a pretty decent dancer. She dances as if she doesn't even have a disability and should be an inspiration to anyone that has a prosthetic limb. Heather seems to be able to do anything/dance that she puts her mind to. Granted, she won't win because she's not the best--but she is still pretty good and makes it look a lot easier than it must be. Hence--I think the fall was staged. She basically lifted her good leg onto her partner and put her weight on her bad leg and fell. There's no way she would forget which leg was what. I think it was a ratings/publicity stunt.

Here is the youtube highlight of her dance:

Pretty amazing stuff huh?

Monday, April 16, 2007

A Day of Reflection

Today is a sad day and my heart goes out to the families of the victims at Virginia Tech. I probably wouldn't have known about it had my friend not pointed to the TV headlines during our play date lunch. (I tend to not watch the news) The Princess must have gotten some weird vibe, because she was absolutely out of control. She was crying and screaming before I even got to order our I had to bid adieu to my friends and hers (quickly, noisily and embarassingly). To continue on with such a somber day, I thought I'd talk about something semi-serious that happened to me.

Last week, something relatively frightening (but not even close to the above incident) happened to me at Blockbuster Video. The Princess, JR. Peanut, and I were getting into the car after picking up a couple of videos. I did what I always do--I open the door for The Princess and tell her to climb up into her car seat while I strap JR. Peanut into his carseat. As The Princess was putting on the straps to her seatbelt with the door open and I was on the other side of the car, I heard a shuffling. A Transient (a.k.a homeless man) appeared at the Princess' door and asked me for some money. He was actually between the door and The Princess!!! Luckily, he left after I said I didn't have any, but can you imagine?

What if the Transient was hostile or some punk car jacker? He could have taken or harmed The Princess or jumped into the car and taken it. Now, I don't know what to do. Leaving the door open on her side and having her climb in was the quickest and easiest way for me to get both kids in the car. Does anyone have an easier way or another suggestion to load them into an SUV (I'm still holding out on the Mini Van)? I feel like we (moms) are ,targets these days because we pay attention more to our kids than what's going on around us. I know another mom that had her car broken into because her diaper bag was sitting in the front seat while she was in the library. I guess people are starting to take diaper bags now, because we often use them as purses. As if I don't have other things to worry about. The world just doesn't seem as safe as it was when I was growing up.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Admit it. It was you!

On, you have the ability to look up the statistics for your blog. They provide statistics on how people got to your blog (i.e. the link they clicked on to get to your blog), what they looked at and what they clicked on.

This afternoon, I decided to look at my blog's statistics. Somebody got to my blog by typing "cure for a saggy ball sack" into the Google Search engine. Now, when I wrote this blog entry, I didn't intend for it to be brought up in that kind of search. Will someone please stand up and claim that search by commenting on my blog? I'd like to thank you for the hearty laugh that it gave me. Hopefully your ball sacks aren't too saggy. Perhaps they'll perk up with a good lay (no, I'm not offering any services. I am happily married to The Breadwinner.)

My blog has also been visited by people that searched for the following:
  • "grey anatomy"+ "spoiler"
  • greys anatomy crashing down
  • ipod shuffle game
  • rocco deluca
  • katherine heigl dog
  • i love rocco deluca
The following list came from StatCounter. I'll have to start showing my statcounter badge because they ROCK! I didn't realize they had such good statistics!
Num Perc. Search Term
3 17.65% ipod shuffle game
2 11.76% grey anatomy spoiler
2 11.76% rocco deluca
1 5.88% kids saying funny things video
1 5.88% spoiler the memory keepers daughter
1 5.88% greys anatomy crashing down
1 5.88% funny things kids sa
1 5.88% parter divorced catholic can he marry in catholic church
1 5.88% i love rocco deluca
1 5.88% pregnancy birth effect on hair grey
1 5.88% effects of pregnancy on hair
1 5.88% cure for a saggy ball sack
1 5.88% clubs blake lewis hollywood dance late
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So, the crazy ball sack search has inspired me. Sundays will now be...

Super Silly Search Sundays.

I will either do silly searches and post my results and/or tell you the silly ways that people got to my blog. Happy Blogging everyone.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Can I Add You to My Blog Roll?

I think I'm going to have to edit my blog roll soon. I've added so many to my google reader, it's outrageous and I keep finding more!! There's just sooooo many good bloggers out there. I resolve to do that next week. I'm going to be really busy this weekend, so I won't be blogging too much. Drop me a comment if you want me to check your blog so I can put it on my blog roll (provided that I actually like it--If I've commented on your blog, I probably like it).

Have a good weekend!!

Oh and I took this quiz at Quiz Farm . Apparently my designer brand self is Diesel. I guess it's kind of true (although I don't have anything diesel--I like the style). I also like Billabong or Roxy. But definitely a Louis purse.
You scored as Diesel.



Louis Vuitton


Anna Sui




Abercrombie & Fitch






Tommy Hilfiger






What Designer Brand Are You?
created with

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Three Things Meme

I got tagged by Kellypea. After reading her meme blog, I think it's safe to say that she has clearly been affected by the whole Sanjaya "controversy." Me? Not quite so much. I actually am starting to like Sanjaya--not for his singing but his entertainment value.

Now, before I start my meme, I want to mention that I had a crazy night last night and I'm really tired because I stayed up to read this really good book. But beware! It's a semi-sad post.

    Three things that scare me
  1. Death
  2. Heights
  3. Road Rage
    Three people who make me laugh
  1. The Princess
  2. The Breadwinner
  3. Redneck Mommy
    Three things I love
  1. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketMy Family
  2. Books
  3. Vacations
    Three things I hate
  1. Whining
  2. Fake People
  3. Losing my temper
    Three things I don’t understand
  1. Technorati . Crazy, I know--I have a link to it but I don't understand it.
  2. What Britney Spears saw in Kevin Federline
  3. How the moneyline works in gambling.
    Three things on my desk
  1. My beloved computer
  2. A TV
  3. My ipod
Oddly enough my dresser is actually my desk right this very moment. Maybe I'll take a picture of it one day and show you.
    Three things I want to do before I die
  1. Visit Australia/Travel the world
  2. Meet the cast of my Favorite Show
  3. Be awarded some sort of Blogger award. Maybe this one, this one, or this one.
    Three things I can do
  1. Create a kick ass automated excel spreadsheet (loaded with VBA)
  2. I make a pretty good peanut butter and jelly sandwich
  3. Surf the internet for hours
    Three things I can’t do
  1. Text message without looking at my phone (someone actually did this in front of my husband)
  2. Lose the last 5 pounds of pregnancy weight
  3. Gather This much information on a daily basis
    Three things I think you should listen to
  1. Your Conscience
  2. Kevin & Bean
  3. Pedia cast (Great podcasts about your child's health)
    Three things you should never listen to
  1. Fox news propaganda
  2. Podcasts with no point
  3. Your evil twin
    Three things I’d like to learn (but won’t)
  1. How to be an American Idol
  2. That I'm smarter than a 5th grader
  3. How to be a domestic goddess
    Three shows I watched as a kid
  1. The Cosby Show
  2. The Electric Company
  3. Reading Rainbow
Now for the very special part….Tag, you’re it! You're turn to tell me three things. Have fun!

I'm Laughing At Myself

The Butrfly garden

BTW, what exactly is a meme? Anyway, looking forward to your answers chersdyls and Butrfly.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I'm sick today. The little buggers have given me another virus.

I thought that I'd share with you a picture of The Princess with her cousins. Most strangers that see them don't believe me when I tell them that these kids are FIRST cousins.

My inlaws also joke that they have the next generation of Charlie's Angels. (The three girls on the right--> a blonde, a half Asian, and a brunette).

Monday, April 9, 2007

Cereal Killer

The other day, we had an attack of the Ants. The Breadwinner rescued us by spraying bug spray and placing ant traps. As The Breadwinner was spraying, The Princess asked him, "What are you doing Daddy?". Of course, The Breadwinner responded, "I'm killing the ants."

Little did I know that this observation and conversation with my daughter would inflict horror upon us days later... Here are some snippets of the bewildering conversations in the past few weeks:

  • "Mommy, the kitty cats got vomit on the floor. Daddy's going to kill them."
  • "Baby Brother is touching my toys. I'm going to kill him"
  • "Baby Brother dropped the Cheerios on the floor. He just killed them"
"Kill" is now a "bad" word in this household until further notice. Along with "Shut up" and "Died". Anyone that uses these words gets put in the naughty corner (courtesy of Supernanny)--including mommy or daddy.

"Disneyland is the Best Place Ever"

I must confess that I'm not that great of a Catholic. On Good Friday The Breadwinner and I took the kids to Disneyland/California Adventure to meet up with our friends from New York. And no, I didn't fast or abstain from eating meat. I'm so naughty. Maybe I should put myself in the Naughty corner...for 31 minutes (am I really that old?). There were tons of people there--so, I'm not the only one that wasn't observing the holiday.

At any rate, we had so much fun. After visiting Disneyland 3 times and Disney World once before, The Princess finally understands how FUN Disneyland is and she didn't even get to see the whole place. She doesn't quite get the whole autograph collecting process (below is a picture of her princess autograph book. I think she thought it was a sketch book).

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The Princess behaved wonderfully. Jr. Peanut slept for 3 hours and didn't cry the entire day. It was a really successful day. Too bad every day isn't like this one.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I'm not a very good self photographer... This is a picture of me and The Princess (proof of my lameness):

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I'll leave you with wise words from the princess:

"Disneyland is the best place ever".

Saturday, April 7, 2007

100 Things You Never Wanted To Know (About Me)

I thought I'd join the multitude of bloggers that have listed 100 fascinating things about themselves.  Unfortunately for you, I can pretend that I am fascinating.  But really I'm not:
  1. I gave birth to The Princess without an epidural.
  2. I gave birth to JR Peanut with an epidural in the last 10 minutes of my delivery.
  3. Mmmhm that epidural was worth it
  4. Right before my OB/GYN broke my water with JR Peanut , my husband cautioned the doctor and said that his wife (me) likes a little foreplay first.
  5. I grew up in Southern California
  6. I graduated from the University of Southern California--->Fight on Trojans!
  7. I graduated when I was 20 years old
  8. I was a Dean's Scholar at USC.
  9. My biggest college regret is  finishing college early (I should have stayed as long as they would give me my scholarships!!)
  10. Houston, Texas was my home for a year and a half.
  11. Chicago, Illinois was my home for six months.
  12. In Chicago, I once had to walk 12 blocks in a blizzard (the buses were all full!).
  13. During my Chicago stay, I lived through one of Chicago's Darkest (literally-- no sun) months in its history.
  14. I met my husband in college.
  15. But I didn't date him until after he finished graduate school.
  16. As a kid, my favorite book was I, Trissy by Norma Fox Mazer
  17. I don't really have a favorite book as an adult...maybe Kite Runner.
  18. I heart Microsoft Excel (nerdy of me, I know)
  19. When I was little, my mom used to make me wear the same clothes two days in a row.
  20. I'm still not sure why she made me do this.
  21. In the third grade, I cut off some hair on the back of my head because it was sticking up.
  22. I glued it back on and went to school.
  23. Grey's Anatomy is my favorite show.
  24. I've had a thing for Patrick Dempsey ever since I saw Can't Buy Me Love.
  25. I've been doing laundry since I was 9 years old.
  26. I'm still doing laundry and I'll probably still be doing laundry till I'm 99 years old.
  27. Hanging out in my jammies all day long is one of my guilty pleasures.
  28. I love a margarita on the rocks (with salt) on a hot summer day.
  29. My husband is a better cook and baker than I am.
  30. When I'm sure that we're done having kids...I will get a tummy tuck.
  31. I want my eyes corrected too.
  32. I am currently addicted to the Mahalo Mango smoothie at Robek's.
  33. My ideal vacation is a beach destination
  34. With a good book,
  35. And a good babysitter.
  36. I never thought I'd be a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom).
  37. I miss my pre-pregnancy body.
  38. People often say I look familiar to them.
  39. One of my biggest pet peeves is a slow internet connection.
  40. I'm very competitive.
  41. I hate losing.
  42. I enjoy a good game of scrabble.
  43. I once played scrabble while I was stoned and I started making up words.
  44. And nobody questioned it..
  45. I sometimes fill in as a 5th person for my husband's poker night.
  46. It busts my husbands ego when I win because half the time I don't know what I'm doing.
  47. I have a membership to a gym.
  48. I've only been there twice in the past year.
  49. Sometimes I forget to put deodorant on.
  50. I can't stand to be around myself when I forget to put deodorant on.
  51. I Google my name at least once a month.
  52. Nothing about me ever pops up.
  53. Sometimes I pop up with my maiden name.
  54. I hated it when that Eddie Murphy movie, Boomerang came out.
  55. I hated it because I have a couple hammer toes.
  56. People magazine is my source for news.
  57. My second boyfriend turned out to be gay.
  58. To this day, if you show me a group of guys...9 times out of ten, I'd probably single out the gay guy as being the cutest guy there.
  59. A high school friend told me that his sister still pines for her gay ex-boyfriend and moved to another state to be with him...I was fascinated by that.
  60. I don't really like the taste of chocolate.
  61. ...Unless I'm pregnant.
  62. I don't really think that it is a privilege to wipe The Princess' butt after she's taken a dump.
  63. She does..."Who's going to wipe my butt...raise your hand if you want to!!"
  64. I like good vodka.
  65. I can eat a whole bag of Classic Barbeque Kettle Chips in one sitting.
  66. But I feel really guilty when I look at the empty bag.
  67. I can eat an entire cherry pie (one foot diameter) in one weekend.
  68. I haven't seen a non-animated movie at a movie theatre in almost an entire year.
  69. I used to think Disneyland was for wusses and Six Flags Magic Mountain was the best.
  70. I love Disneyland now that I have kids.
  71. We just bought annual passes for the whole family.
  72. I once wore a penis hat on my head during my bachelorette party.
  73. I carried a sign that said "Horney Bride:  Need money for strippers.  Suck 4 a buck"
  74. Get your mind out of the gutter...the guys had to suck life savers off my t-shirt.
  75. My husband (at the time he was my boyfriend) and I rough  housed until he pinned me down.
  76. In a last ditch effort to win, I spat at him.
  77. Damn spit fell right back down on my own face.
  78. I don't understand why my husband can recite all the lines in Fast Times at Ridgemont High but he can't seem to remember anything I've told him in the past few hours.
  79. I love to people watch.
  80. I once got so drunk, I fell in a pond at Miyagi's in Hollywood.
  81. I once got so drunk, I peed on a toilet with the lid down.
  82. I like drinking wine.
  83. I hate the sound of whine.
  84. I've always kind of hoped that I'd get on the best friend episode of Wheel of Fortune.
  85. My best friend is awesome at Wheel of Fortune.  She'd win me a lot of money.
  86. I puked on my wedding night.
  87. My husband proposed to me at the Eiffel Tower restaurant in Las Vegas.
  88. He asked me how much I loved him.
  89. I told him that I loved him so much it made me want to gamble.
  90. I finally learned how to play craps.
  91. It's now my favorite way to lose my money.
  92. My second is Pai Gow.
  93. I don't wear make up very often.
  94. Of course, my daughter LOVES makeup.
  95. I think that if Martin Luther King had never been assassinated, the United States would be a much better place.
  96. I have this theory...Every time you push out a baby from that itty bitty hole in your body, a little bit of your brain leaves too.
  97. My motto is...I may not know where my keys or my wallet (or whatever thing I've lost) are but I'm okay with that as long as I know where my kids are.
  98. Caffeine does absolutely nothing to me.
  99. My SIL (sister in law)'s husband says that number 98 is a sign that I suffer from ADD
  100. I'm glad I'm done with this list.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Hottie Detector

The Princess knows a hottie when she sees one. She and her friend are already kiss ups to hotties... (FYI--she and her friend did this on their own accord, I didn't ask her to pose for this one).

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Not Today

I'll admit it...sometimes I watch TV14 shows while The Princess is is the room with me. In my defense-- she's generally coloring/drawing a picture and not really paying attention to the TV. Unfortunately,she has this uncanny knack for paying attention right at the part that makes it a TV14 show.

Today, I was watching the lifetime dating show called Gay, Straight or Taken. The premise is that a female contestant goes on a date with three men--one is gay, one is straight,one is taken. She MUST pick the straight guy in order to go on a dream vacation with the straight guy. If she incorrectly picks the gay or taken one then that guy gets to go on a dream vacation with his significant other.

The Princess was happily coloring away until the very end. One of the men announces that male contestant XY is gay. The woman says to the gay man..."You're gay? I can't believe you're gay!?!?" The Princess then turns to me and says:

"He's gay? Why? Why is he gay?"

I so, did not want to have THAT conversation. I mean, she's three! She doesn't even understand the boyfriend concept. Of course I responded the way any wuss parent would respond:

"He just is. Let's turn off the TV and sing our ABCs."

A Force to Reckon With

So, last night we had a friend from New York come visit us and she brought her 5 year old son,Mark, with her. Mark is really tall (maybe 6 or 7 inches taller than The Princess) and has at least 10 pounds over The Princess.

The Princess is really petite--she's 3.5 years old, 29 pounds and about 37 inches tall (she's got 2.5 year old friends that are taller than her!). Despite her size, she's quite athletic (yes, she can throw a football in a spiral) and strong.

Mark and The Princess were rough housing with each other right before they went night night yesterday and this is basically what transpired:

Mark tackles The Princess

The Princess some how turns Mark over and pins him down

Mark calls out:Game over! Game over! Red light! Stop!

The Princess gets off him and lets him go.

Once free, Mark tackles The Princess (again)

The Princess pins him down (again)

Mark calls out:Game over! Game over! Red light! Stop!

The Princess gets off him and lets him go. (again)

You can probably guess what happened next... Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Don't mess with her because tough things come in small packages. Notice how she's even using her "crazy eyes".

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Blogger Games...Blog! You're it!

The Rules (Directly copied from Butrfly Garden --who incidently copied it from Sugar Cane cuz we're BOTH lazy like that.): Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me.” I respond by asking you five personal questions (I will leave these questions for you in my comments) so I can get to know you better. If I already know you well, expect the questions may be a little more intimate! You WILL update your journal/bloggy thing/whatever with the answers to the questions (please don't leave your answers in my comments unless you don't have a blog). You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the post. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

These are the questions from Butrfly Garden--> who read my entire blog before she came up with them. How thorough you are!!

1) Did you ever find a church you liked?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

No. I'm kind of lazy. I had every intention of going to the Episcopalian church but then I forgot and by the time I remembered, it was too late. And now (I will repeat myself), I'm lazy. I'm just going to have my best friend stand in (again) and have my husband's friends be there as well.

2) If you had round trip tickets to anywhere in the world, where would you go and who would you take with you?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I would go to Australia. Every person I know that has been there has loved visiting there. In fact, I spoke with an old high school friend today that told me she just spent a month there with her husband and they didn't want to leave. It seems so beautiful and I'd love to visit the Great Barrier Reef. I would take my husband, my two children and our sitter. Don't the round trip tickets come with money for the sitter????

3) If you had to give up one thing, which would you pick? A- Books B- iPod C- TV

I would give up TV...because I can watch all my television shows on my ipod!!! A ha! I've beat the question!

4) Do you ever wish you were back to having an office job?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Funny you should ask this question. I think about it all the time. Now please don't think I'm tooting my own horn, but I am actually fairly smart. Now, I don't think that being a mom is an easy job. In fact, it's probably the hardest thing I've ever had to do... but let's be honest. It doesn't require a lot of intelligence (a lot of love and patience but not smarts). In fact, I sometimes feel that my brain cells are oozing out of me each day that I'm with my kids. I sometimes talk like a 3 year old and I definitely don't write as intelligently as I used to. I think the only thing that keeps me intellectually stimulated is talking to other moms. There are a lot of professional women that became stay at home moms. I have mom friends that, in their "past life", were lawyers, neurosurgeon (I only know one), head hunters, nurses, etc.... It's really quite amazing.

But, back to my answer. Yes, I miss having an office job. I miss the challenge of facing a new project. I miss the money. I miss the intellectual stimulation. What I really want though, is to have the perfect balance between work and home. Like a part time job that doesn't sacrifice my ability to get promoted.

5) What would be the most annoying thing someone could do to you? (I promise not to do it!)

Lie to me. I hate lies.