Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Changing My Religion

After calling another Catholic Church, I decided that if I want to get my baby baptized AND have my hubby's friends as Godparents, that I'd have to change my religion. I'm visiting an Episcopalian church this Sunday. I may also try out a Lutheran Church too.

Here's some info on the Episcopal Church. In it is a reference to comedian Robin Williams, who once described the Episcopalian church as "Catholic Lite -- same rituals, half the guilt."

I still think that the Roman Catholic Church needs to reform and make itself a little more protestant (Haha). How can a man devote himself only to God and if a woman wanted to be a priest, why couldn't she?

Thursday, February 22, 2007

**SPOILER** Grey's Anatomy News

While surfing the reader feeds with Google Reader, I found these spoilers about Greys (Source of spoilers and pics:Greysanatomynews.com):

  1. Meredith Grey’s fight for life will send the whole hospital into a frenzy
  2. There will be two deaths: one will stick, one will not
  3. Who will die: Meredith’s mom
  4. Who will live: Meredith
  5. Callie has a big secret
  6. Denny will appear in more than one episode
  7. Addison is going to have a steamy night, but it’s not with our choice of guys
  8. McSteamy and Izzie. Yep, that’s right!
  9. Someone will have a bun in the oven! Who?!
I'm not sure how reliable the source is, but they're still great for speculation.

So I've been reading around that there is going to be a Greys Anatomy Spin off show that is going to star Addison. I've also read that they've just casted Taye Diggs for the show. I guess there's going to be some 2-hour Greys Anatomy episode that spins off the new show. Why are they doing this to me? I already watch too much TV as it is. But I guess I shouldn't complain. Good TV is Good TV right?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Life Insurance

Every couple of weeks, my husband tells me that he would like to take out a life insurance policy on me. Every time I consider it, I get a People Magazine in the mail with an article about how a woman is murdered shortly after a life insurance policy was purchased and the husband is in custody. Hmmmm. What's a girl to do? I can see his argument-- who would take care of the kids, he'd be depressed, yadda yadda yadda. But my logic is that if he didn't have me-- the family would be spending less money on other stuff! I wouldn't be buying expensive jeans or new computers or books... I think that would be enough to pay for a nanny don't you think?

Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Grey's Anatomy World is Crashing Down on Me

What the hell? Why did that happen tonight? I'm traumatized. I guess we now see how Denny comes back to the show. I'm thinking that what Katherine Heigl said is really important. I believe that Denny is always with me. Will the show take a whole new direction? Will Meredith now be an apparition?

Am I a Fat Girl At Heart?

All my life, I've been thin. In high school, I was 95 pounds. In college, I was 104 pounds. When I got married, I was 100 pounds. Basically, a size zero (petite) for most of my life. After my daughter was born I was 110 pounds. After my son was born, I was a depressing 130 pounds for the first 3 months of his life...ugh. Sadness for me. Lately, I've miraculously been slimming down even though I'm eating like a pig (perhaps attributed to breast feeding).

I am now 115 pounds. Still heavy for me but livable and I can cope with it. I'm sure I'll lose at least 5 more pounds eventually (when I stop breast feeding and my boobs deflate to "saggy ball sacks" as my sister in law calls them). But lately, I've been having these dreams...about food! Just the other night, I dreamt of eating Nestle Tollhouse cookies and gorging myself on Nestle Tollhouse ice cream sandwiches. Mmmhm. My tummy grumbles just thinking about it. A few days before my cookie dream, I also dreamt about eating a big juicy steak (this after I've decided to give up eating red meat again).

So, I tell my hubby about my recent dreams and he says that I'm having fat girl dreams. Which leads me back to that question again... am I a fat girl at heart? My hubby was so kind to entertain my fat girl dreams by baking me some Nestle Tollhouse cookies last Sunday. Incidentally-- while eating my yummy cookies, my daughter (the regulator), came up to me and said "Mommy, if you eat too many cookies, you gonna be a fat girl."

Hmm. I only have myself to blame for this--this is what I tell her will happen if she eats too much junk food. I guess in the wise words of many but most recently Sexy Back--Justin Timberlake: "What Goes Around Comes Around."

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I Just Finished Reading...

Note: Pictures are from Amazon.com

Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards I really enjoyed this book even though it was sad how children with Down's Syndrome were viewed back then. The book is about an orthopedic surgeon named David that is forced to deliver his twin babies during a severe snow storm in Kentucky. David was extremely poor growing up and had a sister that was born with Down's Syndrome and a heart condition. His sister died when she was only twelve but she left a lot of sadness and internal strife in the wake of her death. When David realizes that one of his twins (Phoebe) has down's syndrome, he makes an impulsive decision to put his daughter in an institution. The nurse that was supposed to take Phoebe to the institution does so, but quickly decides not to leave her because of the conditions there. The nurse raises Phoebe and the remaining twin (Paul) is raised by David and his wife. David tells his wife that their daughter died at birth and the book tells the story of how the one impulsive decision changed and shape the lives of David, his family, and the nurse. I highly recommend this book.

I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell by Tucker Max This book was really quite hilarious. It was reminiscent of my college years. Remember that guy that drank too much and only wanted to get into your pants? This is that guy. Now that I'm not single, I can actually laugh at this stuff. It is basically a collection of stories that Tucker Max swears is true. I'm not sure how they can be because they're kind of unbelievable but they are funny none the less (laugh at loud funny). You can also read his stories on TuckerMax.com. Some stories of note if you visit the website:
  • Tucker tries buttsex; hilarity does not ensue
  • The Blowjob Follies

Monday, February 12, 2007

Toddler Insults Part 2

My daughter has come up with yet another new insult for me. This is what happened:
me: Honey, it's cold outside. You need to wear long sleeves and pants.
my daughter:I don't want to. I want to wear my skirt and short sleeves.
me:I know you don't want to-- but if you don't, you'll get sick. Then we'll have to take you to the doctor and have the nurse give you shots.(I know this will make her scared of the doctor but desperate times call for desperate measures)
my daughter (whining): nooooo
me: Yes!
me:Okay. But then, I'm not paying for your wedding. I'm not about to pay for a wedding I'm not even invited to.

She then (with a struggle) will put on the pants but has to wear short sleeves and I insist on a sweater. Dude, how does she come up with these kind of insults?!?!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Nothing In Particular

  • My Niece (Little R)-Little R likes to pretend she's a dog. She licks her mom and her dad put a "dog house" (a box) by the front door. Her dad even puts a bowl of chips outside the dog house for her. Last weekend, Little R got my daughter to say that my daughter was the mom and Little R was her dog. I would think that most kids would be insulted by being called a dog. But my niece-- she asks for it.
  • American Idol- So who watched American Idol last night? Did anyone notice the sign that Jasmine's family made for her? "Jasmine's are next American Idol". Perhaps instead of pursuing a career in music, she should focus more on proper english! In case you didn't catch the error-- the sign should have said "our" instead of "are". Maybe the mistake was made due to the slight twang in the Texan English Language.

    Speaking of American Idol, I found this picture on celebitchy (This person's blog is pretty funny-- check it out). The post is titled "Fear of the Man Boob Planet". Oh no!! It's an invasion! My son also is suffering from the Man boob ailment. Perhaps my son gets a little too much breast milk?? But how could he be getting the man boobs from me?? My boobs are so little.

  • Grey's Anatomy Gossip- So by now, everyone and their mother has heard about the controversy going on with the show right? If you haven't, here's the gist of it... Back in October, while filming, Isaiah Washington(Burke) called T.R. Knight (George) a f*ggot. As a result, George came out of the closet to the public. Isaiah had apologized and everything seemed okay until the night of the Golden Globes. Where Isaiah publicly denies that he ever called T.R. the f word. So T.R. got upset and went on Ellen Degeneres' show to address the public on how he feels about the whole situation.

    Poor T.R.. Once is a mistake that is forgivable. Saying it twice is unacceptable. Even Katherine Heigl agrees:

    She voices my sentiments exactly...Keep your mouth shut Isaiah. And how does someone go to re-hab over this? If the tables had been turned and TR called Isaiah the N word-- TR would have been fired on the spot. But because it's "just sexual orientation" Isaiah is sentenced to ...rehab??

    Anyway, John Mayer wrote in his blog about a possible way to ameliorate the situation...make Burke gay. Hmm. Sounds interesting.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Toddler Insults...

My daughter has come up with a new insult for me. When I ask her to do something that she doesn't want to do, this is basically what happens:
me: If you don't help me clean up all of your toys, I'm going to have to clean them up myself and throw them away.
my daughter:I don't want to.
me:Ooookay, I'm going to have to throw the toys in the trash because it's the quickest way for me to clean up
my daughter (whining): nooooo

I start cleaning up with a trash bag...
my daughter: YOU ARE NOT A PRINCESS!
me (quietly so she can't hear):That's okay, because I'm the QUEEN.

Usually, she eventually starts helping me clean up. And no, I don't actually throw her toys away.

iPod Shuffle Part Deaux

Here is another iPod shuffle that answers various questions. Josh originally posted it on myspace on his bulletin but then I couldn't find it so I used Evan's. It's actually the shuffle that I wanted to do. It's kind of like asking answers from an 8-ball--which by the way is available as an item for your google desktop. Anyway, all Hail to the iPod!
Questions iPod answers and my comments
How am I feeling today? I Just Wanna See by Smash Mouth
See what? Do I wanna just be able to see without contacts or glasses?
Will I get far in life? Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles
I'm not really on a pathway to get very far. But at least the sun's coming.
How do my friends see me? Family by Michael Convertino (Bed of Roses)
That's nice. Thanks for seeing me that way!
Where will I get married? There's Nothing Better by Luther Vandross
Is this because I'm already married?
What is my best friend's theme song? I Want You Baby by Dreamgirls Soundtrack
Really? I had no idea?!?!
What is the story of my life? (You'll Always Be) My Heart and Soul by Stephen Bishop
I don't know what to make of this one.
What was high school like? How Can I keep From Singing by Enya
I am filipino after all and we just love to sing and dance.
How can I get ahead in life? Get Right by Fabolous
What is the best thing about me? Run To Me by Clay Aiken
People run to me? I run to them? Yes...I bought the Clay Aiken CD--and I actually like it. So pooey to you.
What is today going to be like? I Just Wanna by Cam'ron
What do I wanna...do?
What is in store for this weekend? Desert Angel by Stevie Nicks
We're not going to the desert. I think we're going to San Diego for the superbowl game though.
What song describes my parent(s)? Ice by Sarah McLachlan
So True. My ipod is so all knowing. My parents got divorced when I was 14.
To describe my grandparents? All I Want Is You by U2
True. My mom's parents (the only grandparents I got to know. Really loved each other. My Lola (grandmother in tagalog) died first and then my Lolo (grandfather in tagalog) died a few years later. My brother, interestingly enough, thought that my Lolo died of a broken heart because he missed my Lola. He thought this for a long time until I told him that he died from prostate cancer (on my birthday :( ).
How is my life going? Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head by BJ Thomas (Forrest Gump Soundtrack)
Hmm. My life really isn't that bad. I'm actually really happy.
What song will they play at my funeral? I'm a Nut by Countdown Kids
So true. This is actually one of daughter's songs. You know what song she likes to sing occasionally? Crazy by Gnarls Barkley
How does the world see me? Snakes and Ladders by Joss Stone
Am I really that bad? I guess it's a cut throat world in domestic suburbia.
Will I have a happy life? Let's Just Get Naked by Joan Osbourne
Who cares about being happy. I'm just into carnal desires.
What do my friends really think of me? Don't Turn Off The Lights by Enrique Iglesias
Do I get crazy when the lights turn off or something?
Do people secretly lust after me? Stay (Faraway, So Close!) by U2
Do they or don't they?
How can I make myself happy? Intro by Uncle Cracker
This isn't even a song. It's an intro to a song.
What should I do with my life? Love Plus One by Haircut 100
I don't get it.
Will I ever have children? Cure For The Itch by Linkin Park
I've already got kids so I guess that's my cure for the itch??