Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Nothing In Particular

  • My Niece (Little R)-Little R likes to pretend she's a dog. She licks her mom and her dad put a "dog house" (a box) by the front door. Her dad even puts a bowl of chips outside the dog house for her. Last weekend, Little R got my daughter to say that my daughter was the mom and Little R was her dog. I would think that most kids would be insulted by being called a dog. But my niece-- she asks for it.
  • American Idol- So who watched American Idol last night? Did anyone notice the sign that Jasmine's family made for her? "Jasmine's are next American Idol". Perhaps instead of pursuing a career in music, she should focus more on proper english! In case you didn't catch the error-- the sign should have said "our" instead of "are". Maybe the mistake was made due to the slight twang in the Texan English Language.

    Speaking of American Idol, I found this picture on celebitchy (This person's blog is pretty funny-- check it out). The post is titled "Fear of the Man Boob Planet". Oh no!! It's an invasion! My son also is suffering from the Man boob ailment. Perhaps my son gets a little too much breast milk?? But how could he be getting the man boobs from me?? My boobs are so little.

  • Grey's Anatomy Gossip- So by now, everyone and their mother has heard about the controversy going on with the show right? If you haven't, here's the gist of it... Back in October, while filming, Isaiah Washington(Burke) called T.R. Knight (George) a f*ggot. As a result, George came out of the closet to the public. Isaiah had apologized and everything seemed okay until the night of the Golden Globes. Where Isaiah publicly denies that he ever called T.R. the f word. So T.R. got upset and went on Ellen Degeneres' show to address the public on how he feels about the whole situation.

    Poor T.R.. Once is a mistake that is forgivable. Saying it twice is unacceptable. Even Katherine Heigl agrees:

    She voices my sentiments exactly...Keep your mouth shut Isaiah. And how does someone go to re-hab over this? If the tables had been turned and TR called Isaiah the N word-- TR would have been fired on the spot. But because it's "just sexual orientation" Isaiah is sentenced to

    Anyway, John Mayer wrote in his blog about a possible way to ameliorate the situation...make Burke gay. Hmm. Sounds interesting.

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Sacto girl said...

What is the deal with everyone signing up for a rehab stint when they make offensive remarks, have an illicit affair, or basically do or say anything that pisses others off? Examples: Mel Gibson, Mark Foley, now even Gavin Newsom. Pathetic. Yeah, blame alcohol for all the stupid things you do. Great idea!