Monday, April 28, 2008

My Niece, The Queen Bee

Photobucket We were over at my brother-in-law's house the other day, when I discovered that my niece(his daughter) is a Queen Bee (QB). There were two incidents that occurred in which she excluded either my other niece (R) or my daughter, the Princess and made them cry.

I don't know the full story about what happened to R so I'll just tell you what QB did to the Princess:

The girls were playing with a toy of QB's brothers when QB decided to bring out a game to play. She brought the game to R and the Princess and asked, "Who wants to play this game with me?"

Quickly, the Princess responded, "I'll play it with you QB."

QB ignored the Princess and kept asking who wanted to play the game with her until R said that she would. Once R said that she would, QB promptly said that the Princess couldn't play because that would be too many people.

The Princess walked over to me and started crying (HARD) and said "QB won't let me play that game." I heard and saw the entire thing, so I knew what happened. It took a Grammie intervention to get QB to let the Princess play the game. QB had LIED. The game allowed for FOUR players-- so there would have been enough pieces to go around.

QB is only 5 and I thought that that's a pretty young age to being doing the whole "exclusivity girl thing". I don't think I started doing that until I was 9. But I think QB has been doing it since preschool. I vaguely remember her mom telling me that QB did it with a play house at her preschool.

Do you see the makings of a future bully?