Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Top 10 Reasons Why Stay At Home Moms Might Think Their Toddler Son May Be Gay

10. He comes walking into the room wearing his sister's princess shoes.

9. He loves carrying a purse.

8. He gets excited everytime he sees a picture of a Disney Princess.

7. He prances around on his tippy toes.

6. He sees his mommy putting on nail polish and insists that you put it on him too.

5. He loves carrying multiple purses.

4. He's just to sweet too be straight.

3. He's such a snazzy dancer.

2. He gets into your make up drawer and you catch him putting on make up.

1. Your son comes to you begging to put on his sister's Barbie Princess Dress.

Now, not all these things have been going on with my son, but I will have to admit that most have them have. Not that there is anything wrong with him being gay . . . but I find that a lot of moms think their sons are gay for the same reasons listed above. It kind of cracks me up. I'm pretty sure my son is just mimicking the two people he's around the most.

I was also going to put up a picture of my son in a princess dress, but the Breadwinner thought that would be a little too much. Sorry folks.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Politics as Unusual

I don't generally talk about politics on my blog but with all the hulabaloo going on with the Democratic primaries, it's hard for me not to think about politics.

I've always been a bleeding heart liberal. Any red blooded Republican would despise my views on welfare and immigration (after all, I wouldn't be here if my parents had never immigrated from the Philippines). Since the start of my voting career, I've always voted for the Democrat Candidate. Things may change though.

I can't quite pinpoint the reason why, but as of late--I really don't like Hillary. I was a big Bill Clinton fan, but I just can't get excited about Hillary. I think the main reason why I don't like her, is because I don't like how she runs her campaign. Yes, sure I feel sorry for her sometimes because it is difficult running for a president as a woman, but she isn't the kind of woman that I ever expected would be the first female president.

I think that I've always envisioned the first female president being more like Oprah. A woman that is powerful and influential in a much different way. A woman that gives to good causes both anonymously and publicly. A self made, strong woman. I may get in trouble for this-- but Hillary doesn't really come off as feminine to me.

I don't know. I don't think she'd win the election either. I think she would cause a lot of people to go out there and vote for McCain. Including myself.

I also really like Obama and I want him to win. He carries himself with such poise and he has the ability to inspire. I remember seeing on TV a panel of Americans being asked to site an accomplishment of Obama's and no one could except one African American woman said that he's the first African American that has gotten this close to the Presidency. Now, granted, I don't think that Americans in general could site the accomplishments of most politicians, let alone point to where Belize is on the map. Only two came to my mind-- truth be told:

-I believe he was the first African American to be the president of the Harvard Law Review.

-He ran and won a seat in the US Senate.

At any rate, I hope that the remaining Democratic Primaries give Obama the remaining delegates he needs to clinch the Democratic Candidacy. If he does, it would make me feel like I can truly say to my children that they could one day become President. When I said that to my husband, he said of course they could be president, even if Obama didn't win. I said-- yes, technically they could, but would Americans actually elect an Asian American into the White House? We don't know that-- yet.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Children's Shows

The other day, I happened to actually be sitting with the Princess watching Oswald on Noggin (a Nickolodeon Channel for preschoolers). I never really realized how latently sexual it is. The show was about how Oswald found this "Big Yellow Banana" and how he was sharing it with everyone. Then I started looking at the characters:


  • Weenie the hot dog dog.
  • Oswald the blue Octopus that looks like a "blue ball"
  • Daisy, the Flower (do I need to tell you want a flower represents?)

It was kind of disturbing. I don't let her watch Oswald anymore. What were these people thinking when they came up with this show? Or more to the point, what the heck were they smoking?

I have actually found some new shows that I really like having the Princess watch though. Shows that have encouraged her to realize that putting letters together can make words. Shows like:

  • Super Why (PBS)- A show that teaches kids that they can change fairy tale stories by changing the words in sentences.
  • Photobucket

  • Word World (PBS)
  • Photobucket

  • Leap Frog Videos - These aren't actual shows but they are awesome DVDs. They've taught the Princess all about the letters and the sounds they make.
  • Photobucket

Does anyone have any other ideas on educational shows that encourages reading? It seems like there just aren't enough.

Which reminds me. I hosted a book club meeting at my house and one of the ladies mentioned that when she wakes up in the middle of the night for her baby's feeding, she watches The Cosby Show. Then she brought up the question . . . are there any shows on these days that emulate a good wholesome family like The Cosby Show? We also had Family Ties and Growing Pains. I've been trying to come up with a good show like those that's on today during prime time and I couldn't think of a single one. I don't even think shows like Hannah Montana are up to par. It's kind of sad that our kids only have shows that feature skanky women like Paris Hilton or the High School kids from the O.C. (I know this is off the air now) to watch. It's all so risque. It's no wonder that all these young girls are so scandalous.