Thursday, December 28, 2006

Dysfunction Junction

So...this Christmas was interesting. Originally X'mas with my family was going to be somewhere else on X'mas day. But the fact that my father-- whom I haven't seen in like 10 years-- decided to show up created a little chaos. So, I volunteered my house (again). It was either my house or no X'mas with my family at all. A quarter of my family didn't show up -- so I wound up making too much food. My father didn't even really talk the entire time he and seemed broken. Good news is he's 66 and he still has a full head of hair. So my son will not be bald later in life. Not that being bald is bad-- but it just seems like men have such a hard time dealing with the loss of hair. Listen guys--deal with it. Male patterned baldness is WAY better than female patterned baldness.

The next day, we spent X'mas at home opening presents and then went to my husband's brother's house for X'mas with my husband's family. There weren't many places to sit at their house so I had to sit in a child's sofa chair while waiting for lunch and once we started eating, the children sat in a separate room by themselves. These kids are 2, 3, 3, and 4!! They're too little to eat by themselves let alone at a really high table. It was like they were second class citizens and don't have anything to contribute to the family.

Anyway, so I read my friend's blog about a mutual friend and it made me think. I always thought that children could do fine with divorced parents and fathers aren't necessary (if they are bad role models) but good to have around. Case in point-- my family. I think I did well. I've got a little neurosis but no more than the next person. When I look at families that had both parents-- I still see just as much dysfunction as single parent families. I think the key to raising a strong mother with moral character and a good "village". The village should also have some good male role models and friends (there doesn't have to be a lot-- a couple good ones work). I also think though that fathers matter more with little boys than girls but if there's a good uncle or grandfather, that can help. Well, I'll get off my soapbox now.

Congratulations CL on becoming an Aunt! I'm so glad that people are starting to blog. Like Sacto Girl said, it's a great way to catch up.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Calgon Take Me Away

The other day, I had a particularly difficult day with my daughter. She wanted to be very independent and didn't want to contribute to the "family chores" of putting her toys away, taking a nap, etc.... So when my husband came home I said to him-- "Calgon, take me away! I've had a hard day." Of course, my husband, being the kind of guy that likes to copy my lines, said the same thing to me later that week because my daughter constantly had to be helping him complete his "Honey Do" list (he's got a really long list that he's inching away on -- can't wait for him to comment on that one) except that he said it in front of my daughter. So now, my daughter will from time to time say "Calgon comes to take my Daddy away" and she says it at random times of the day too.

I wonder if years from now, I'll still have this blog and if my daughter will enjoy or be upset by these posts. I think that I'll definitely appreciate it because it will help me remember how cute she was and still will be. Years from now I can tell her that when her daddy was little, he used to sit on the pot and yell for his Mom "Mommy, come wipe!" and that she did something similar. My daughter calls out and says "Mommy [or Daddy], you wanna come see my poo poos?". I semi-taught her this because I want to make sure she tells us when she goes #2--I don't trust her to wipe properly. So, I always (if she doesn't offer to me already) ask her if I can see her poo poos.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Snow, iPods, and book clubs

Yesterday, we took my kids to the mall nearby where there was a snow show. My daughter had so much fun trying to catch the manufactured snow. Before it came down though, she was acting up. I've come to the conclusion that she acts up in the presence of my husband because I think my husband often lets her get away with it. She certainly doesn't ask for a lot of things from me and she stays in the stroller. But whatever. She loves being with my husband. Whenever we go out as a family she always has to be with her daddy. My beef is why does he get called Daddy while I get called Mom or Mama instead of Mommy?

So, I have a video iPod and I love it. I love it so much that I was thinking-- maybe the next computer I get should be an Apple. That's a big admission considering how much of a PC girl I am but the iPod is so easy and well made. My only wish is that it had an FM radio transmitter that I can record feeds from my favorite Radio show-- Kevin and Bean. I guess I could stream it on my computer and transfer it-- but that requires extra steps.

I also attended my first meeting with a new book club. It was actually a lot of fun. It was the Holiday Social and we just talked about the books we liked reading this year. My pick was Prep and the Other Boleyn (sp?) Sister. Those were really the only ones that I could remember-- but I did like them a lot. We also exchanged books-- that's was a bonus. It's good to get ideas for a good read but it's even better when they give you the actual book. The other book clubs I was in were either a little too structured or they read lame books. I'm picky. I also don't like reading chick lit books for a book club.-- that's just for fun. I mean what is there to talk about them? Anyway, the next book is The Mermaid Chair. It's a book I've read before and didn't like (Huge disappointment considering how much I loved the Secret Life of Bees). The one before was To Kill a Mocking bird-- which I also have read before but that was a good pick.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

I Watch Too Much TV

I used to pride myself on being one of those people that didn't expend so much time on TV. But now with the advent of TIVO and PVR-- I'm a TV junkie. (This also why I'm not as much of a bookworm) So let me tell you what shows I watch:
  1. Grey's Anatomy-- This is the only show that I absolutely have to watch. Even on vacation! I subscribe to the podcasts, I have a season pass on my iPod for each episode so I can view it on my ipod, I've got both soundtracks, both DVD sets, and I read the writers blogs. I just can't get enough of it. I especially love McDreamy and I've loved him since Can't Buy Me Love-- so I'm a true fan. I think what I really love about this show is the relationship between Derek and Meredith. It's kind of like a whole new Ross and Rachel relationship that I can follow.
  2. Heroes--This show is just too cool. I like the idea of people having super powers. The only thing for me are the cliff hangers. This show doesn't follow that whole conflict - conflict solved by end of the show format. Kind of like Lost. I started watching it because everyone was constantly talking about it. Between TIVO and my Ipod, I've caught up on all the episodes. What I hate though, is that this show runs over the allotted time because the ending often gets cut off when I TIVO it.
  3. Men In Trees--My sister told me about this show. She said I'd like it and she was right. What woman wouldn't like a show that is set in Alaska where the men to women ratio is sooo good.
  4. Lost--I'm a late bloomer on this one. I can see why some people think this show is irritating because it just keeps on going.
  5. Brothers and Sisters--Don't ask. I started watching it and kept watching it even though it's not that great. I think I watch it because I really liked about 1 0r 2 of the episodes and now I feel like I have to watch it. I'd like to see Kitty and Warren's relationship develop.
  6. Ugly Betty--I only watch it because it's before Greys. And yes, My Thursdays are fully booked.
  7. Six Degrees--I only watched it because of Greys. I think this show will get cancelled anyway.
  8. Oprah--Dude, I'm a stay at home mom. I love Oprah.
  9. The View-Okay, I used to think that the people that watch this show must be lame. But I watched it one morning and I thought it was funny. It's almost like my people magazine fix or listening to Kevin and Bean because they keep updated on my entertainment gossip and some current events. But I have to say that Elisabeth Hasselbeck is super annoying. Not only is she ultra conservative but she comes off sounding like she's a total ditz. She also looks like she reading a teleprompter all the time.
  10. House--I'm only a "sometimes fan" of this show. It gets old having the same format all the time. Sick patient, house has to figure out what the illness is, he tortures them a little bit and then the patient gets healthy. There isn't enough relationship plot either and you know I love the relationship plots (i.e. Ross & Rachel, Mer & Der)
  11. Daybreak--This is a good show when I'm actually watching it. But for some reason, I always get on the computer when I turn it on and then I pay more attention to my computer.
  12. Food 911--I love Tyler's recipes. Have you noticed that he's gained some weight?
  13. Essence of Emeril-- Yummy!
Ones I plan on trying: 1. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip 2. The Nine 3. Friday Night Lights

Monday, December 11, 2006

The Funny Things that Kids Say

Yesterday, my daughter was watching ice skating with my husband. She loved it but she did ask my husband a question..."Daddy, why do those boys want to be like princesses?". No offense to male ice skaters-- but that's truly what she said. She also told me that I could come to her wedding. When I asked her who she was going to marry, she said that she's going to marry Belle (of Beauty and the Beast) and that she [my daughter] is a princess and Daddy is her prince charming. I think because she's only been exposed to male affection through father figures that whenever she's sees two people of the opposite sex kissing or hugging-- she automatically assumes that the guy is the girl's daddy. A friend of hers, Maddy, told her mom the other day that she was going to marry Sean-y, She said that she almost married him but then remembered that she was already married! To Daddy! This must be a common thing. I can't wait to see what my son will say and do. Kids are truly fascinating.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

I've created this blog because...

KL (who loves cheese) doesn't accept anonymous comments. So, I created this blog. Now, if I still can't do the comment, I'll know how truly lame I am. I've been thinking about starting a blog for a while though so-- I guess I can thank him for motivating me to start one. KL if you're reading this, can you tell CL that I tried to call but your cell numbers are no longer in service??

Anyway, I chose this title because I love to read books but I don't always have the time anymore. Between a toddler, an infant, a husband and keeping this big *ss house tidy-- I just can't find the time. Or I get stuck reading books like 1-2-3 discipline or How to stop a child from whining before the tantrums start. Have these books helped me? Well that's debatable.