Thursday, December 28, 2006

Dysfunction Junction

So...this Christmas was interesting. Originally X'mas with my family was going to be somewhere else on X'mas day. But the fact that my father-- whom I haven't seen in like 10 years-- decided to show up created a little chaos. So, I volunteered my house (again). It was either my house or no X'mas with my family at all. A quarter of my family didn't show up -- so I wound up making too much food. My father didn't even really talk the entire time he and seemed broken. Good news is he's 66 and he still has a full head of hair. So my son will not be bald later in life. Not that being bald is bad-- but it just seems like men have such a hard time dealing with the loss of hair. Listen guys--deal with it. Male patterned baldness is WAY better than female patterned baldness.

The next day, we spent X'mas at home opening presents and then went to my husband's brother's house for X'mas with my husband's family. There weren't many places to sit at their house so I had to sit in a child's sofa chair while waiting for lunch and once we started eating, the children sat in a separate room by themselves. These kids are 2, 3, 3, and 4!! They're too little to eat by themselves let alone at a really high table. It was like they were second class citizens and don't have anything to contribute to the family.

Anyway, so I read my friend's blog about a mutual friend and it made me think. I always thought that children could do fine with divorced parents and fathers aren't necessary (if they are bad role models) but good to have around. Case in point-- my family. I think I did well. I've got a little neurosis but no more than the next person. When I look at families that had both parents-- I still see just as much dysfunction as single parent families. I think the key to raising a strong mother with moral character and a good "village". The village should also have some good male role models and friends (there doesn't have to be a lot-- a couple good ones work). I also think though that fathers matter more with little boys than girls but if there's a good uncle or grandfather, that can help. Well, I'll get off my soapbox now.

Congratulations CL on becoming an Aunt! I'm so glad that people are starting to blog. Like Sacto Girl said, it's a great way to catch up.

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Chersdyls said...

Thanks for the congrats! I finally posted pics on my blog.