Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Snow, iPods, and book clubs

Yesterday, we took my kids to the mall nearby where there was a snow show. My daughter had so much fun trying to catch the manufactured snow. Before it came down though, she was acting up. I've come to the conclusion that she acts up in the presence of my husband because I think my husband often lets her get away with it. She certainly doesn't ask for a lot of things from me and she stays in the stroller. But whatever. She loves being with my husband. Whenever we go out as a family she always has to be with her daddy. My beef is why does he get called Daddy while I get called Mom or Mama instead of Mommy?

So, I have a video iPod and I love it. I love it so much that I was thinking-- maybe the next computer I get should be an Apple. That's a big admission considering how much of a PC girl I am but the iPod is so easy and well made. My only wish is that it had an FM radio transmitter that I can record feeds from my favorite Radio show-- Kevin and Bean. I guess I could stream it on my computer and transfer it-- but that requires extra steps.

I also attended my first meeting with a new book club. It was actually a lot of fun. It was the Holiday Social and we just talked about the books we liked reading this year. My pick was Prep and the Other Boleyn (sp?) Sister. Those were really the only ones that I could remember-- but I did like them a lot. We also exchanged books-- that's was a bonus. It's good to get ideas for a good read but it's even better when they give you the actual book. The other book clubs I was in were either a little too structured or they read lame books. I'm picky. I also don't like reading chick lit books for a book club.-- that's just for fun. I mean what is there to talk about them? Anyway, the next book is The Mermaid Chair. It's a book I've read before and didn't like (Huge disappointment considering how much I loved the Secret Life of Bees). The one before was To Kill a Mocking bird-- which I also have read before but that was a good pick.

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