Thursday, December 14, 2006

I Watch Too Much TV

I used to pride myself on being one of those people that didn't expend so much time on TV. But now with the advent of TIVO and PVR-- I'm a TV junkie. (This also why I'm not as much of a bookworm) So let me tell you what shows I watch:
  1. Grey's Anatomy-- This is the only show that I absolutely have to watch. Even on vacation! I subscribe to the podcasts, I have a season pass on my iPod for each episode so I can view it on my ipod, I've got both soundtracks, both DVD sets, and I read the writers blogs. I just can't get enough of it. I especially love McDreamy and I've loved him since Can't Buy Me Love-- so I'm a true fan. I think what I really love about this show is the relationship between Derek and Meredith. It's kind of like a whole new Ross and Rachel relationship that I can follow.
  2. Heroes--This show is just too cool. I like the idea of people having super powers. The only thing for me are the cliff hangers. This show doesn't follow that whole conflict - conflict solved by end of the show format. Kind of like Lost. I started watching it because everyone was constantly talking about it. Between TIVO and my Ipod, I've caught up on all the episodes. What I hate though, is that this show runs over the allotted time because the ending often gets cut off when I TIVO it.
  3. Men In Trees--My sister told me about this show. She said I'd like it and she was right. What woman wouldn't like a show that is set in Alaska where the men to women ratio is sooo good.
  4. Lost--I'm a late bloomer on this one. I can see why some people think this show is irritating because it just keeps on going.
  5. Brothers and Sisters--Don't ask. I started watching it and kept watching it even though it's not that great. I think I watch it because I really liked about 1 0r 2 of the episodes and now I feel like I have to watch it. I'd like to see Kitty and Warren's relationship develop.
  6. Ugly Betty--I only watch it because it's before Greys. And yes, My Thursdays are fully booked.
  7. Six Degrees--I only watched it because of Greys. I think this show will get cancelled anyway.
  8. Oprah--Dude, I'm a stay at home mom. I love Oprah.
  9. The View-Okay, I used to think that the people that watch this show must be lame. But I watched it one morning and I thought it was funny. It's almost like my people magazine fix or listening to Kevin and Bean because they keep updated on my entertainment gossip and some current events. But I have to say that Elisabeth Hasselbeck is super annoying. Not only is she ultra conservative but she comes off sounding like she's a total ditz. She also looks like she reading a teleprompter all the time.
  10. House--I'm only a "sometimes fan" of this show. It gets old having the same format all the time. Sick patient, house has to figure out what the illness is, he tortures them a little bit and then the patient gets healthy. There isn't enough relationship plot either and you know I love the relationship plots (i.e. Ross & Rachel, Mer & Der)
  11. Daybreak--This is a good show when I'm actually watching it. But for some reason, I always get on the computer when I turn it on and then I pay more attention to my computer.
  12. Food 911--I love Tyler's recipes. Have you noticed that he's gained some weight?
  13. Essence of Emeril-- Yummy!
Ones I plan on trying: 1. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip 2. The Nine 3. Friday Night Lights

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Sacto girl said...

I'm a sucker for Grey's too! It's my only "must-see" show every week.