Thursday, December 21, 2006

Calgon Take Me Away

The other day, I had a particularly difficult day with my daughter. She wanted to be very independent and didn't want to contribute to the "family chores" of putting her toys away, taking a nap, etc.... So when my husband came home I said to him-- "Calgon, take me away! I've had a hard day." Of course, my husband, being the kind of guy that likes to copy my lines, said the same thing to me later that week because my daughter constantly had to be helping him complete his "Honey Do" list (he's got a really long list that he's inching away on -- can't wait for him to comment on that one) except that he said it in front of my daughter. So now, my daughter will from time to time say "Calgon comes to take my Daddy away" and she says it at random times of the day too.

I wonder if years from now, I'll still have this blog and if my daughter will enjoy or be upset by these posts. I think that I'll definitely appreciate it because it will help me remember how cute she was and still will be. Years from now I can tell her that when her daddy was little, he used to sit on the pot and yell for his Mom "Mommy, come wipe!" and that she did something similar. My daughter calls out and says "Mommy [or Daddy], you wanna come see my poo poos?". I semi-taught her this because I want to make sure she tells us when she goes #2--I don't trust her to wipe properly. So, I always (if she doesn't offer to me already) ask her if I can see her poo poos.

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