Monday, December 11, 2006

The Funny Things that Kids Say

Yesterday, my daughter was watching ice skating with my husband. She loved it but she did ask my husband a question..."Daddy, why do those boys want to be like princesses?". No offense to male ice skaters-- but that's truly what she said. She also told me that I could come to her wedding. When I asked her who she was going to marry, she said that she's going to marry Belle (of Beauty and the Beast) and that she [my daughter] is a princess and Daddy is her prince charming. I think because she's only been exposed to male affection through father figures that whenever she's sees two people of the opposite sex kissing or hugging-- she automatically assumes that the guy is the girl's daddy. A friend of hers, Maddy, told her mom the other day that she was going to marry Sean-y, She said that she almost married him but then remembered that she was already married! To Daddy! This must be a common thing. I can't wait to see what my son will say and do. Kids are truly fascinating.

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