Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I Just Finished Reading...

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Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards I really enjoyed this book even though it was sad how children with Down's Syndrome were viewed back then. The book is about an orthopedic surgeon named David that is forced to deliver his twin babies during a severe snow storm in Kentucky. David was extremely poor growing up and had a sister that was born with Down's Syndrome and a heart condition. His sister died when she was only twelve but she left a lot of sadness and internal strife in the wake of her death. When David realizes that one of his twins (Phoebe) has down's syndrome, he makes an impulsive decision to put his daughter in an institution. The nurse that was supposed to take Phoebe to the institution does so, but quickly decides not to leave her because of the conditions there. The nurse raises Phoebe and the remaining twin (Paul) is raised by David and his wife. David tells his wife that their daughter died at birth and the book tells the story of how the one impulsive decision changed and shape the lives of David, his family, and the nurse. I highly recommend this book.

I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell by Tucker Max This book was really quite hilarious. It was reminiscent of my college years. Remember that guy that drank too much and only wanted to get into your pants? This is that guy. Now that I'm not single, I can actually laugh at this stuff. It is basically a collection of stories that Tucker Max swears is true. I'm not sure how they can be because they're kind of unbelievable but they are funny none the less (laugh at loud funny). You can also read his stories on Some stories of note if you visit the website:
  • Tucker tries buttsex; hilarity does not ensue
  • The Blowjob Follies

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