Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My Favorite Show

So last week was the premiere of Grey's Anatomy. (pictures courtesy of for me, my husband decided that he was going to play poker that night with his buddies and I got stuck with the kids. So unfair. My daughter kept asking me questions and talking about stuff while the show was on-- so it wasn't the ideal setting for watching my favorite show. I did however wind up watching it again on tivo so I could appreciate the entire show. It was a good one too...lets recap:

  • Addison and Alex almost kissed! I actually like them together. I'm hoping that she'll bring out the softer side of Alex.
  • Will George's dad survive considering they took out so much of his innards?
  • George kissed Callie. I like them together too even though I think Callie is kind of weird. George's dad was right though, she does get him. Do you think that maybe they may make him come out of the closet because he's gay in real life? Either way, I like George in a goofy,always feel embarrassed for him kind of way.
  • Izzy finally deposited that check...and we already can see that she's going to try to pay for the back surgery for that young girl.
  • McSteamy (his real name on the show eludes me right now)is upset about something. You think maybe he'll hook up with Izzy some time later this season? I can see it happening.
  • The Burktina relationship is a little quiet...literally. I can see Cristina doing the not talking but Burke always seemed a little more mature about these types of things.
  • Meredith snores. And Derek can't sleep because of it. Earplugs maybe?? Ambien??

  • Meredith has daddy issues. I don't know why. He seems like such a nice man.
I also listened to the podcast and apparently this two parter was supposed to be a single episode but they couldn't figure out what part to cut because it ran 20 minutes over. The episodes also take part over six days (hence the episode name) with each day starting with Derek and Meredith in bed with snoring issues. Anyway, I can't wait for tomorrow's episode. So now that I'm done talking about my favorite show, I thought I'd mention one of my other favorite actors... Josh Lucas. I actually consider him to be sort of a blond Patrick Dempsey. I saw him in Poseidon last weekend. The movie was OK but he looked great. Of course the ultimate movie for me is Sweet Home Alabama which has both Patrick Dempsey and Josh Lucas in it! Thanks Cheryl for giving me the DVD for my birthday last year. (This picture was from Yahoo! and is a production photo from Sweet Home Alabama)

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Sacto girl said...

Does your husband know that you are posting gorgeous pics of hot actors on your blog? Thank you, gracias, and merci for the one of Patrick Dempsey! I'm saving that one.