Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The 5th Man

So last night I was the 5th man in my husband's poker night. Amazingly, I got the kids to go to bed by 9pm (don't look down upon me because this is so late-- believe me it's a struggle. If I could, I'd have them down by 7:30) and I was asked to play poker. I'm a decent player when it's Texas Hold em or maybe even Omaha (high only) but when they start getting all fancy, I just plain suck. I just can't comprehend the games. Omaha (high/low) just confuses me and I'm dumbstruck with 2/10. I was the big winner for a while until they started suckering me with the complicated games. And then there's the games that just take your money at the on set-- I despise screw thy neighbor. It involves absolutely no skill and I have to dump three stacks of chips. Needless to say, after probably being up $60, I wound up losing $1. The big loser probably lost about $150. I don't understand why guys don't feel bad about taking a friend's money. I did.

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