Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Coming Back Down...

My daughter is coming back down from a godparent high and I think she's going through withdrawals. After being with KL and CL for a whole day, she just doesn't know what to do with herself. Now, she puts her pretend phone to her ear and pretends that she's talking to them. How can we [My Husband and I] compete with such lavish attention and entertainment? We don't. That's what godparents are for right?

After visiting with KL and CL, we went to old town San Diego for some fresh tortillas. I'm convinced I had some bad shrimp from Cafe Coyote and I was paying for it all day and night yesterday. Note to self: Never order the shrimp and always stick with the carnitas.

Thanks Sacto girl for giving me a laugh yesterday with the 916 adventures and reminding me about the mack chin. No one ever lets me live that one down. Every now and then, KG (formerly KH) brings it up too (FC sometimes would too but I can never get a hold of her these days). For those of you that don't know what it is, it is when you make out with a guy with a stubble and it causes some major skin abrasion that can actually cause scabbing. It also causes all your friends to tell you that you have something on your chin.

Those were interesting days. I remember when...

  • KG and FC plastered conservative Sacto girl's room with pornographic pictures all over SG's room
  • My room 4 roomies plastered visual instructions on how to put a condom on all over my bottle of lotion. Which incidentally, I forgot to take off when I went home after graduation and I think my mom saw.
  • I peed at Julies with the toilet seat lid down
  • AT (formerly AN) and I used advertise each other for deliveries or to scare guys off by saying the other had genital herpes
  • I had a Montana drivers license
  • I got taken back to the house by sober patrol even though I wasn't that drunk.
  • I wore purple contacts and my eyes glowed under the black lights of Phi Delt
  • I used to do that starving brain sucker joke when I was drunk
Anyone else have something else to add?

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