Friday, January 26, 2007

Jeans: My New Obsession

I remember being in high school and thinking that buying a pair of Guess jeans was expensive at $50 but well worth it. (I had to buy them myself of course-- there was no way my divorced mom that worked for the state was going to dish out 50 bucks for a pair of jeans). In college, I didn't spend as much on jeans (I spent it more on stuff from Ann Taylor or I bought trendy stuff) and was content to wear my $30 Limited Jeans. After college, I bought either Gap or Old Navy Jeans for about $30/$40 (they were usually on sale). Now...I'm obsessed with expensive jeans. I bought a couple pairs of Joe's Jeans (which I love) and they're about $150.

Recently, I've been paying attention to the all the different jeans that I see other women wear. For instance, the woman that owns the preschool my daughter goes to always wears the same jeans. And I just discovered that they are no ordinary jeans...they're $250 (some are over $300) True Religion jeans. Even the children's version of these jeans are at least $120.

What is so special about these jeans? Are they super comfortable? Will they give my butt--which has been ravaged by two pregnancies-- the butt lift that it needs? Will it make my stomach look like the above stomach? (yeah right-- not without plastic surgery) Hmmm. I'll have to try them on and see how they fit...To be continued...

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