Friday, January 5, 2007

So I was cleaning out all my college stuff...

...and I found a bunch of papers that had back and forth notes (you can see how I much I valued my college education). I guess I was friends with people more so than I thought I was. Take for instance Greg. I didn't realize that I was really friends with him until I found all these notes. Most of it was about row politics or the latest happenings with the guy I was interested in. We scribble notes back and forth while our Organizational Behavior teacher lectured. I don't even keep in touch with half the people that I called friends in college. I wish that I had. It's always, for lack of a better word, neat to keep in touch with people and see what they're doing.

So I've been spying around myspace and I've gotten in touch with a few people. It's easy to find the guys you remember but its harder to find the girls because they're probably married by now. But myspace has definitely made it easier. I'm not sure what the whole phenomena is about but it's definitely a useful tool and its fun to people watch. Is there also some sort of competition to add friends? That's a big thing too. I could understand that you should add more friends in friendster so that your network could expand but I'm not sure how it works in myspace.

I've been trying to change the layout on my blog and I'm looking around to change the template. Once I figure it out, you'll see some changes. I feel like this blog just looks like everyone else's.

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