Thursday, April 19, 2007

I Still Got It (I Think)

The other day, we went to a nearby hospital to visit Breadwinner's grandma. The rooms at the hospital were not private, so his Grandma had a roommate.

Grandma's roommate was entertaining visitors as well when we walked in. Breadwinner was carrying JR Peanut-- so of course The Princess whined until Breadwinner picked her up with his other arm. The Breadwinner and the kids stood in the direct view of the roommate's visitors. The visitor looked up at my kids and husband and said loudly, (as only old people can)

"Those kids are cute. They're so good looking that they must have a really beautiful mother"

Perplexed, the Breadwinner replied, "What's that supposed to mean?"

Uh... DUH! It means I'm H-O-T, hot! OK--so, it's like, the geriatric ward. But hey-- after two kids, I take what I can get!!! :-)

In honor of my new found geriatric hotness, I thought I share my porn star name from my myspace page.

Your Porn Star Name Is...
Little Miss Muff


Brillig said...

Ooooh, get down with your bad geriatric self!

(And yes, I know exactly what you mean about taking any compliment you can get at this stage of having sprung living creatures forth from your womb. I TOTALLY get that!)

Shauna said...

I'll take compliments, too. As long as they aren't of the creepy old man variety. (I get waaaay too many of those).

Butrfly4404 said...

Wait, people other than creepy old men compliment you???

How do you do that???