Sunday, April 22, 2007

Super Silly Search Sunday 4/22/07

I'm not sure if you realized it-- but I scammed my Sunday title off of a Dora Episode (remember Super Silly Fiesta?). Only true fans of the show would know this. At any rate, my super silly search today was (drum roll)

"Baby Eats Poop"

Oddly enough, when I typed it into google-- it actually completed the words for me. So there must be tons of people searching the same thing and there were 1.2 million search results. Wanna know what popped up? The number one site that came up was a site dedicated to explaining all things poop. It describes what poop is comprised of and provides a Q and A section. The author also talks about eating poop. (YUCK, excuse my while I vomit just thinking about it). The site is really quite fascinating and gross at the same time.

It also brought me to a blog post about how you can eat a baby's poop. As if. You've got to be a certain kind of crazy to do that.

Some other sites of note that popped up

The last few items on the above list were because I actually modified the search to look for "Baby Eats Poop" in blogspot only. I feel kind of left out. There are a lot of mommy blogs about poop--and I haven't had a one. I think the closest I've gotten to a poop post is # 62 and 63 and the short do you wanna see my poo poos blurb. So now, it's my privilege to announce that I finally did a poop post. And now, you'll probably be able to find my blog by searching for "Baby Eats Poop".


Goldy said...

I think silly web searches is a great idea for a blog post series. I may need to poach it :)

Brillig said...

Oh how I love Super Silly Search Sunday. Brilliant, I say!

And I too am feeling very out of the baby-eats-poop-loop. Who knew? I consider myself quite an expert on baby poop, but I didn't really know about this whole world of babies who eat it. Hmmmm....

Sugar Kane said...

What I great idea! Fun and informative. Can't wait until the next one.

Anonymous said...

Figures. I pop up when crap is mentioned. Great!