Sunday, April 29, 2007

Super Silly Search Sunday 4/28/2007

It's that time again folks. This time I decided to do a search on the thing that kinda started this Sunday post ritual. Especially since someone went searching for it...AGAIN and found my blog. I was of course talking about my boobs but somehow it lost its context in the whole google search and popped up in a "Cure for Saggy Ball sack" search. This time someone left out a word. They only searched for "Cure for Saggy Balls". Someone else also found my blog by searching for "deaux porn star". Is that the name of a porn star or something? In any case, today's search was...(drum roll)

"my boobs hang low in a knot"

This search only had about 55,000 results. The number one search result brought me to a site that I've decided to bookmark. It's by another Southern California lady. Her boobs hang low post was in reference to a bra-less Meg Ryan. It was actually kind of funny however, I do side with one of her commentors because I love the old Meg Ryan romantic comedies. French Kiss is one of my favorites (even though it's not listed here)

This post about Barbara Streisand is pretty funny too. It's some sort of blog that makes up captions for silly pictures. I may have to add this to my bookmarks as well.

Some other things I found:
  • A site devoted to dirty school yard songs rememember those from your youth?
  • A post about the side effects of nursing.
  • This site led me to an even better site that makes me feel better about my stretch marks and saggy ball sack boobs. (because even though stretch marks happen to 50% of all pregnant women, Los Angeles seems to only have stretch mark free mommies-- except of course for me and my sister. And that really blows. But Yay! I finally know that I'm not the only one.).
  • This was a post about getting older. It's kinda nice to know that women who don't have children or breast feed still suffer through the same saggy-ness.
  • This woman claims she can hold SEVENTEEN pencils under EACH breast. W-O-W! Talk about athleticism.
The rest of the results got kind of vague and only had 2 or 3 of my search terms. But there you have it. Lots of other people have saggy boobs. S


Jennifer said...

This is so funny! It amazes me how google search results can end up at my blog. Your search queues are waaaay funnier than mine!

Goldy said...

I absolutely love this post series! can i get the ok from you to do one in the future (crediting you of course)?

Brillig said...

Hahahaha. This is so stinking funny. I absolutely love your super silly searches!!!! And, for the record, pregnancy and hungry babies have left my boobs, well, somewhat less than perky. Glad to know I'm not at all alone!

Butrfly4404 said...

I have no super silly searches to share this week. Kinda sad about that.

The best part is with you investigating and such, those other people will end up having MULTIPLE hits for "my boobs hang low in a knot"


Funny stuff, girl~!

Lisa said...

Love that post! And love old Meg Ryan movies too. Wish she's quite doing strange things to her face, and just grow old gracefully.

Jenny said...

I came here looking to find out out to get my boobs untied from this knot and you are no help at all.

You could at least give me some suggestions.

Cherann said...

Goldy--Sure. Just give me the linky love.

Jenny--Sorry I didn't offer suggestions. How about some butter? It's always worked with tight rings after a pregnancy...

kellypea said...

This is hilarious. Since I switched my blog, I can't find my search terms and phrases yet and I miss them. I'll have to live vicariously through you on Sundays until I find mine again. Serious Hoots (laughs, non hooters!) hahahahaha

Jenny said...

No dice. The butter just made it worse and now a hoard of hungry cats are following me around.

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