Monday, April 23, 2007

Who Does She Think She Is?

If you're here because of a Thinking Blog post, I'm still working on my acceptance speech. Please check back later for my post.

I think my babysitter thinks she's the new queen at my house. We had her come over because we had a wedding to attend last Saturday and the reception was an "adult only" reception. (Who wants to bring the kids anyway? It always means that I have to keep an eye on them.) The first thing she did was comment on our landscaping (we bought the house brand new last year and we are just now finishing the landscaping). She told us what type of plants we should add and where. Here are some of the other things she did:

  • She threw out the snow peas I was drying out so I could plant the seeds. Alright, so she probably thought I forgot about the snow peas and that I was letting them fester (originally, I did leave them there festering but then I came up with the idea to save the seeds). We ARE a little untidy but who is she to judge what our actual trash is?
  • She ran the dishwasher with some items that should absolutely not be put in the dishwasher--like my All Clad pots and pans. The heat ruins the pans.
  • Some of the items she put in the dishwasher were already clean (sometime we wash pots and things and dry them in the right side of the sink-- so I'm lazy about drying the pots-- but at least I clean them)
  • She always brings her little "Yo quiero taco bell" dog and her dog tracked dirt all over my dark wood floors. (she feels the need to clean our dishes but not her own dog's paws)
  • The dog made my cats nervous and they peed all over.
  • She let my kids drop Triscuit crumbs all over our rug.
  • The first thing she does when she gets to our house is grabs a bottle of water...then leaves her bottles around after she leaves.
  • She doesn't do this any more but I once caught her doing her own laundry at our house.
These are just little annoyances and I can deal with them. She's really good with our kids and that's the important thing. So despite my little rant, she's awesome.


Shauna said...

Sounds like someone is a leeetle too comfortable. But, good childcare is hard to come by. I'd keep an eye on her to make sure she doesn't step over the line...

Sugar Kane said...

You're nicer than me...

Butrfly4404 said...


I would have freaked. Haha..I was the "full-service" babysitter who cleaned and stuff, so I sound kinda hypocritical. But these people were just lazy and didn't want to clean, so I think they were grateful. I get mad when The Man does laundry!! I just have a way to do things and since nobody ever wants to learn how to do these things my way, then they can just let me do it all by myself and deal with me bitchy. Er...what was the post again? Oh, right, rude sitter: The Man's sister snuck his ex-wife into MY HOUSE (they moved in with ME), to hang out while I was at work. Snakey little bitches.

Jennifer said...

I agree with Shauna, she's sound very comfy, cozy. I'd have freaked if someone had washed my All-Clad pots!!! I hope they are okay!

Brillig said...

Hahaha. I have one babysitter who whenever I come home, the entire kitchen has exploded. It's like, every food item that had been in the pantry is now half consumed and all over the house. Every dish that had been clean is now dirty and, again, strewn all over the house. But she's so great with my kids and they love her so much that I keep calling her!