Sunday, April 15, 2007

Admit it. It was you!

On, you have the ability to look up the statistics for your blog. They provide statistics on how people got to your blog (i.e. the link they clicked on to get to your blog), what they looked at and what they clicked on.

This afternoon, I decided to look at my blog's statistics. Somebody got to my blog by typing "cure for a saggy ball sack" into the Google Search engine. Now, when I wrote this blog entry, I didn't intend for it to be brought up in that kind of search. Will someone please stand up and claim that search by commenting on my blog? I'd like to thank you for the hearty laugh that it gave me. Hopefully your ball sacks aren't too saggy. Perhaps they'll perk up with a good lay (no, I'm not offering any services. I am happily married to The Breadwinner.)

My blog has also been visited by people that searched for the following:
  • "grey anatomy"+ "spoiler"
  • greys anatomy crashing down
  • ipod shuffle game
  • rocco deluca
  • katherine heigl dog
  • i love rocco deluca
The following list came from StatCounter. I'll have to start showing my statcounter badge because they ROCK! I didn't realize they had such good statistics!
Num Perc. Search Term
3 17.65% ipod shuffle game
2 11.76% grey anatomy spoiler
2 11.76% rocco deluca
1 5.88% kids saying funny things video
1 5.88% spoiler the memory keepers daughter
1 5.88% greys anatomy crashing down
1 5.88% funny things kids sa
1 5.88% parter divorced catholic can he marry in catholic church
1 5.88% i love rocco deluca
1 5.88% pregnancy birth effect on hair grey
1 5.88% effects of pregnancy on hair
1 5.88% cure for a saggy ball sack
1 5.88% clubs blake lewis hollywood dance late
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So, the crazy ball sack search has inspired me. Sundays will now be...

Super Silly Search Sundays.

I will either do silly searches and post my results and/or tell you the silly ways that people got to my blog. Happy Blogging everyone.


kellypea said...

I always get a kick out of my stats for Google searches, too. Yours was a good one. I've been resisting commenting on "teen nether pleasure." Huh?

Brillig said...

Hahahahaha. That is hilarious! Gosh, and I found your blog the boring way--through a link on someone else's site...

Butrfly4404 said...

Mine right now:
16.67% janie peterson meteorologist
16.67% stupid things to say
16.67% why do men say stupid things?
16.67% 3 things
16.67% wholesome milf
16.67% fmilf

The "MILF" term actually gets me a LOT of hits...I just wish they weren't perverts looking for porn, you know?

I have to say, though, the weirdest and most obscene keywords were "Gay boy taking sh*t on leaves" WHAT????? I don't know how that one was tied to me!!!

Also: MN-DOT searched their name and found me Friday...oops.

Shauna said...

Hilarious! Not sure if I want to know how people are finding me, though...