Tuesday, May 1, 2007

A Comment About Comments

I've been laughing lately due to some comments I've gotten from people:

Ms. Jenny is new to my blog but has been giving me laughing fits. I suspect that she is also the Jenny that blogs at mama drama. Yes, one of the blogs I linked to in my last silly search post. And ohmigod, she's hilarious! Her X'mas toy (emphasis on the X)post, her extra special date night and her blogging rant had me rolling on the floor. Not to mention the fact that her boobs are like...tied in a knot right now and her cats are following her around due to some faulty advice I gave her...Ooops! Sorry. Thanks for the laughs. I just subscribed to your posts.

I used to live in Houston and your funny blog almost makes me wish I still lived there because there are funny people like you guys. Eh, but almost isn't good enough. I don't miss the humidity (someone once told me that Houston is the armpit of Texas), the cockroaches the size of a small dog, and the pot holes on Richmond. However, I do miss my friend H, the Tex Mex Food and not having to pay state taxes.


Another comment that had me laughing was Goldy's comment about his nephew. Perhaps these days, role playing has taken on a completely different direction from when I was a kid. I always played restaurant or house...never prostitute (at least not until Pretty Woman came out).


Umm and Wonder Mom ... "Figures. I pop up when crap is mentioned. Great!". Poop is better than "Cure for Saggy Ball Sacks" or "Deaux Porn Star"... I mean really, what kind of traffic do you think I'm bringing in to my blog?!?!


Speaking of searches, Butrfly's comment on my Admit Post has me very worried for her. Why is someone searching for "Gay boy taking sh*t on leaves". And why are they being brought to Butrfly's Blog? Unfortunately, that person may find my blog now. But if he/she is reading this, I'd like for him/her to know that that was a very um, specific search. Could it be you that spread some feces love on the leaves? And now, you're searching to see if someone witnessed your backside taking a s*it folly.

Thanks everyone (not just those I mentioned above) for commenting on my blog. You guys ROCK. BTW what happened to my IRL (In Real Life) friends. Why aren't you commenting anymore???


Anonymous said...

You should only see the searches that send people to my place.

"Dancing in shi*"
"Porn dancing"
"My kid hates pull ups"
"She pees on me"
"Dancing naked for money"

and ooh so many more!

And because I wrote about them on your blog...They'll bring people to you too...

See, I like to share the love.

Jenny (from the armpit) said...

*blush* You are so sweet.

I can't look at the searches that bring people to Mama Drama but if you google "Destroy the antiquated vagina" I'm totally the first thing that comes up and that should count for something.

Brillig said...

Because, see, real life friends SUCK. Okay, not really, but with the exception of one or two RLF's, my e-buddies are much, MUCH more faithful and loyal!

Butrfly4404 said...

I think when you acquire e-friends, they scare off the real ones. We're freaky people, cherann..it takes a special person to meld with us. I have real life people who read my blog but don't comment. Once in a while, one will send me an email about it, but that's it.

Wonder Mom - I love your searches! At the time of that nasty one, I couldn't figure out how they got there, except they didn't use quotes. I think because I use "Ninja Boy" so much that "Boy" is a prominent word on my website.

I haven't even gotten any "MILF" searches recently, though I haven't done a FMILF post in some time.

cherann - why does your word verification hate me so???