Sunday, May 6, 2007

Super Silly Search Sunday - "Britney Spears Farted in Kevin Federline's Face"

It's Sunday again! you can see from the title, I searched for a "singer" and her husband. I put singer in quotes because there has been talk lately that she is a huge lip syncher. The results from my search yielded only 36,700 hits. I'm guessing it's because my search was so specific. I'm secretly hoping that this post generates some sort of link between Britney, Kevin and Farts in the Google Search Engine (I'm not sure how it works but if I search for it, say 50 times, doesn't it create some kind of correlation???).

Britney Spears Farted in Kevin Federline's Face

You know, I kinda feel sorry for Britney Spears. Most of the sites that came up had derogatory remarks about her. It must be hard having people scrutinize your every move. But sometimes she just makes some bad decisions ya know? Like marrying Kevin, chewing gum during that interview with Matt Lauer, shaving her head, hanging out with skanky Paris...the list goes on. Including these pictures. She's holding a box that says flash... how appropriate considering her boobs are about to burst out of her dress. She doesn't look very motherly, in fact, she looks a little trashy. I think she could have picked a dress that actualy fit her engorged boobs. Aside from the trashiness, she looked great in the pictures and I wish I looked like that when I was pregnant with my second child. I think fart popped up in that above post because one reader had commented that he farted on some other commentor that was defending Britney.

Another site that came up was a whole page on devoted to spoofs, parodies, and jokes of Britney. Including Ask the Buddha Britney, some funny cartoons about her, a game (the object of the game is to stop the Britney Spears and Kevin Federline sex tape from reaching the public), a cartoon video of "oops I farted again" and bald "Britney" pictures.This is one that they posted from Kristin P. (Check out the others. They're pretty funny!):

There really weren't very many results that made sense. In this review of Chaotic, the writer describes a scene in the show where Britney farts in her bodyguard's face... "she farted in her bodyguard's face, picked her nose, and passed out in her own vomit, mumbling something about the burdens of fame and god-given talent." . This site posted about Britney's divorce and someone else posted that he just farted and wrote "I think my fart is bigger news than Britney getting a divorce. "

That's it folks. Everything else was kinda lame.


Brillig said...

Oh. Mygosh. That is so awful. Hahaha. Oh how I love Super Silly Search Sunday. It makes me think of... well... all sorts of things that I never, ever would have thought of.

Jennifer said...

I feel sad for Britney, too. She's not too bright, I wish someone would help her!

Love your super silly searches!

Butrfly4404 said...

I was never a huge fan of hers. Okay, I'll admit that I have a few of her songs on my iPod I had some others. But as a person, she never came across as being someone worth my time.

I gave up celeb gossip right around lent (not FOR lent, I just remember other people were doing it then for it), and haven't really missed it since. Except when my grandma was going off about Angelina Jolie being bad. Then I wished I was more in the know to stick up for 'my girl'.

Shauna said...

You do things in Google that I'd never even think to do! Love it! Looking forward to next Sunday!

Kateastrophe said...

This is hilarious! I regret that I've never stopped by before!!