Monday, May 21, 2007

5 Blogs I Read...And Never Linked To

I got tagged by the ever so hilarious Oh, The Joys. I never knew that all of the crap that we, as parents, go through could be so funny. Because it sure isn't when you're actually going through it (hindsight is 20/20)...Anyway, go check her ( Oh, The Joys) out.

Oh, The Joys tagged me with a meme to list 5 blogs that I read and have never linked to. By pure laziness luck, I've started reading more blogs and commenting on them but haven't yet put them on my blogroll. So here they are...

  1. Because I Must Blog A funny mommy blog by a woman with bi-racial twins...and she works (for pay...unlike me). She blogs about rude people,vaccinations, and her feet.
  2. Chesca, the exskindiver. She's one of my peeps (i.e. she's filipino), a Wammer (a wife and mother -- another reason why she's one of my peeps), and an intelligent read (her blog, that is).
  3. Kate, the Walking Kateastrophe. She is friends with Brillig-- that's how I found her. She blogs about the things going on in her life, including her kateastrophes. She is also sometimes...Shakira-esque.
  4. Sugar Kane, who currently is MIA, but normally is single mom, a supervisor that plays funny jokes on unsuspecting newbies, and she's got a lot of spunk.
  5. Janet, the wonder mom that dances too. She's got the dog from h-e-double el, has a miraculously organized purse, she's funny and she gives good advice..."Don't give up, be consistent".

Anyhoo, that's it. Please read them. They're good blogs, in fact, they are in my Google Reader Feeds. And by the way,

I also tag them for the meme.


exskindiver said...

Butrfyly Amy is going to wonder why I
complied with your meme before her tag...AMY, if you are reading this...I never forgot!!!!
Life just happened. But with you in mind I shall not blog again until I fulfill this and all others.
thanks Cherann, in cyberspeak...a meme tag shows you care. (right??!?)

Butrfly4404 said...

Chesca - Hahah! No I Am Not. I was going to tell you that you should just put the button on your blog to end the craziness. :) You can be the Last Thinker.

Well, the only blog on there that I don't already read is Janet and I know I went there once when she was in Cheeky Lotus' Blog In A Box.

I will add her to my bloglines!

Brillig said...

Ooooh, cool! I got free linky-love without even getting tagged!

And yeah, those are all great blogs!

Sugar Kane said...

Thanks for the shout out! What a great thing to find after being gone...I'll get to work on mine!

Anonymous said...

Well thank you for the kind words!!!

I'll get right on this meme....

Oh, The Joys said...

Yay! Can't wait to check them all out (Except for Janet. I already love Janet.)

Jennifer said...

I know 3 of your 5...I'll have to check out your first two!

Worker Mommy said...

Thanks for the nod !! I really appreciate it.

I'll get crackin' on this soon :)

Kateastrophe said...

WOOT! I feel like a rockstar!

Now I have to figure out if my blogroll is up to date . . . crap!