Sunday, May 20, 2007

Super Silly Search Sunday 5/20/2007

Dear heavenly readers, it's been two weeks since my last Silly Search posting. Forgive me readers, for I have sinned! I didn't do the search last weekend because of the Holiday and today, I almost forgot about it!

Before I tell you what I searched for this week, let me tell you what strange google searches brought people to my crazy wonderful blog. Yesterday, "ball sack stretching photos" brought a new reader to my blog. Thanks google! I'm now probably the number one hit for ball sacks. And just to up my relavance in those searches, I'm just going to scream BALL SACK, BALL SACK, BALL SACK!! Another search phrase used was "From My Uterus"-- which makes sense because of The Mixers post. Someone also technorati'd "Saggy Boobs". My favorite though, was the google search term..."bookworm hotties". I popped up!! So, yes, kind readers-- I'm a bookworm hottie because Google says so.

Now, time for what you've all been waiting for... drum roll. Today's Super Silly Search Phrase...

I've Got My Finger Stuck Up My Nose

This search phrase kind of reminds me of Karly's old blog layout. Or at least, that was my visual, after I came up with the search. Anyway, the number one hit (out of 1.8 million results)was a poem by Brian Patten called The Day I Got My Finger Stuck Up My Nose (the link is the cached version because the actual site brings up too many pop up windows). The funniest site that the search brought me to is I Used to Believe's website. The site contains a section on what adults believed would happen if as children, they picked their nose. The funniest one posted was:

When i was young, my parents told me that boogers were part of your brain, so to stop me from picking my nose. Logically, i thought that if i ate them, they would just go back into my brain, and no harm done. needless to say, i never wanted to blow my nose, because then that part of my brain would be lost forever!

It's amazing how many lies parents tell. At any rate, here are some of the blogs that showed up:

  • Confessions of a Hypochondriac has a funny blog entry about why one of her nostrils is bigger than the other.
  • The Common Wombat wrote about how he vomits incorrectly and it vomit gets lodged in his sinuses.
  • This guy went to the doctor and had a "spatula stuck up his nose". But the reason I'm listing it is because he got "dooced". I think he's talking about the web designer that created the blog called Dooce. I learn something new every time I do these searches. Word to the wise: don't blog about work.
  • Ali admits that her ten year old picks her nose due to genetics...
  • A hilarious exchange between a mother's two kids.

That's all I can find dear readers... until next time.


Butrfly4404 said...

That's hilarious. What a logical reason to eat boogers!!

So, my dear, how do you come up with your Sx4 phrases? Just off the top of your head, or do you contemplate them for a while?

:) I just don't think I could come up with a phrase that great.

You should make it a goal, then you can make a badge for your blog that says "#1 Result for a Saggy Ball Search"!!! hahaha

Shauna said...

Oh that is just tooo funny.

Brillig said...

Yay for super silly search sunday!

HAHA, I love Butrfly's idea about making a badge for your blog about that. SO funny!!!

Worker Mommy said...

Ball Sack , Ball Sack. I wanted to say it too because its rather funny!

I'm with Butrfly on the booger reasoning. Makes sense to me :)

Sugar Kane said...

Fantastic!! Glad Silly Search Sunday is back!

Casmee said...

I'd like to think that I', a bookworm hottie--well sort of!