Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I Have a Secret

Remember how I said that every time you push out a baby out of that itty bitty hole (at least hopefully it's itty bitty), you push out a little piece of your brain (#96)? Well, I'm beginning to think that the toll it's taken on my intelligence is starting to really show.

Which brings me to my secret...sometimes I read blogs and I don't get what they're trying to say. My only thought is--huh? Did I miss something? Then I read it all over again...and still nothing. Where the heck is my brain? And why did my kids hide it from me? Maybe my brain loss metamorphosed into that extra poundage located in my tummy and thighs.

You know, I just had a thought that I was going to include in this post and I've forgotten what it was. Alas, further evidence of the steady decline.

P.S. You know what would really help me? Is if people allowed their subscribers to view their entire post rather than just the teaser. If I comment on the post-- I go to your blog site anyway. BTW sometimes, if I can't see the whole blog in my reader...I just don't read it (unless I consider you one of my blogging friends and we talk via comments left on our respective blog sites)


Butrfly4404 said...

Maybe they don't really make much sense to begin with? Are you talking about me? Cuz that would totally be the case.


I don't always understand things that other people seem to get just fine. Maybe we have unique ways of thinking? We should have been engineers.

I like to read the whole thing in my reader now, too. I wish I could comment FROM the reader, then I would leave less 'footprints' on the server here at work.

Janet a.k.a. "Wonder Mom" said...

You're so funny.
You know what irks me. When I want to respond to a comment and the commenter hasn't left their gets me every time...I want to respond to everyone, but I can't if they don't leave their e-mail address..

just a thought.

Life As I Know It said...

Yeah, sometimes I don't think I get things butrfly said, maybe we all have our different ways of displaying our thoughts.

Sometimes you get it, and sometimes you don't!

super des said...

I wandered over here and too many things on your 100 things list are identical to mine (that I haven't written, but I might soon).

And now you've been linked because I don't have enough entertaining things to read.


thethinker said...

I don't understand about fifty percent of the stuff I read on other blogs either. When it happens, I usually hope that it's not due to my own lack of intelligence, but theirs.

Shauna said...

The reader thing annoys me sometimes too. But I think it's more related to my mood.

Sugar Kane said...

Ok, I must be really slow because I don't know what you all mean by reading blogs in your reader.

Butrfly4404 said...

Sugar - that's hilarous given the point of the post.

It's awesome! You get feeds from all the blogs you read, then it tells you when they post. You can read them there, or click out to the blog. I even have Dilbert. Google has one and I do bloglines as I believe Cherann recommended.

Goldy said...

Do what I do when you come across such posts (hit the back button on your browser). I feel stupid enough during the course of a week :)

Cherann said...

Butrfly, that would be kind of nice if you could comment from the reader.

Janet, am I horrible if I don't respond to most comments??? I usually just put comments on the commentor's blog.

Life as I know it, I know for a fact that I think differently because I often can't concentrate on things (A.D.D.??)

Super Des, Thanks for adding me to your list of blogs...hope I do entertain.

The Thinker, That's a good attitude.

Cherann said...

Shauna, the reader does show the whole blog post because that's how the blogger set their settings.

Sugar Kane, A reader is what people use to subscribe to blogs. Instead of having to constantly check the blog-- you just go to your reader and it automatically, retrieves all new blog postings. I use Google Reader.

Goldy, what if hitting the back button brings me back to another posting on the same blog?

Brillig said...

Ahhh, sure Cherann. Post about me. But if you were in my BRAIN, my blog would make sense. Okay, that's an all-out lie. Even in my brain it doesn't make much sense. :-)

Worker Mommy said...

I have it too I call it "Mommy Brain". My thought is that you only have room for so much "stuff" there in the old noggin.

In order to accomodate all the new things that you must know to succeed in this thing called motherhood your brain has to do a periodic "dump" ( purge some of the things it thinks are no longer necessary.)

Ok, now I'm probably one of those people that don't make sense either :)

exskindiver said...

I am with Sugar Kane,
I don't know what a reader is.
Thank you Burfly for the explanation.
Not how to go about getting a reader...
I wonder if I can I get a washer too?