Tuesday, July 10, 2007


After several long days of preparation, 24 party favor bags, loads of party decorations, hundreds of dollars dished out and lots of help from Godparents...Jr. Peanut's first birthday party was a success. It was a really good time. I really have to thank Cheryl, Kyle, Gomez, B, and J. You guys ROCK!! I think these god parents have learned a valuable lesson: Don't come to your god child's party early...or you'll get put to work.

I'm not sure if I mentioned it or not, but the party was a baptism/birthday party...so we had several things going on. We did the baptism during a public catholic mass and it was a totally different experience. The priest had us walk up during the processional, mentioned us several times during the mass, performed the entire thing while we stood at the front with loads of people watching, and made us walk down the aisle again for the closing. Good thing I'm not an extremely SHY person...otherwise it would have been a really painful experience. It was also hard keeping a 12 month old occupied during an hour long mass.

Althought the party was a success, there were some mishaps along the way:

  • My sister-in-law crashed into our light post taking The Princess to my other SIL's daughter's Birthday party.
  • Kyle left Cheryl's shoes on top of the car and drove away with it still on the roof. I found the remains of the mangled show down the street. I wish I had taken picures of it before I threw it away.
  • B and J's flight was delayed THREE hours and they didn't even find out about it until they got there. They must have been so tired (they're east coasters)because their flight didn't leave until midnight (California time).
  • The Breadwinner bumped his head on the BBQ trying to install the sink.
  • While running around the pool table, The Princess fell and bit her lip HARD!
  • Jr. Peanut's ear drums ruptured from an ear infection.
  • The Princess and her cousin took several of the sprinkles jars (from cup cake decorating) and ate them in the jumper (The Breadwinner had to shop vac the jumper). Not to mention the fact that the kids ATE way to much sugar.

Thank god it's over. The house was a mess, there are tons of brand new scratches all over my hard wood floor. Lots of food left over. (Note to self: when you buy lots of appetizers...you need less food catered)I have a two month hiatus until the Princess' birthday... who already has decided that she wants a Hello Kitty party.

I'll post some pictures later.

Ta Ta!


Anonymous said...

Success - Mishaps - Parties...it's all good.

Glad the party went well.!!!

Worker Mommy said...

Ha, glad it went well.

Glad no one was seriously injured. You should start planning now for next year :)

Goldy said...

I want to see pics.

exskindiver said...

the bumped head.
the ear infection.
light post crash.
sprinkles all over the place.
scratches on a floor.


a beautiful baptism.
family that care enough to travel for the event.
the organizational skills to plan the shindig.
the ability to finance it.
a new sink (or was it a new bbq?)
shoes left on the roof of a car as opposed to a baby left on the roof.
a floor.
left over food (no need to cook for a few days)

more positives than negatives.
rest up.
next year is just around the corner.

Butrfly4404 said...

I agree, Chesca. More good than bad. :)

Congrats on your success!