Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Piss on THIS!

My kids have a play room. We block it off at night because the cats love to piss on things in the play room.

So, I've been smelling piss in the play room for the past week. I've looked and looked for the area that the cats pissed on. I didn't find anything and I was getting increasingly annoyed with the cats.

I found it today.

There was piss all right. But it was human pee (cat pee has a distinct smell). In our Little Tikes sport thing:

Right in the basket that the boy is putting the ball in.

It had to have been a boy. I don't see how a girl can sit on the basket without falling over or getting hurt.

There were only 6 boys at the party.

Only 4 could walk.

Only 2 are not in diapers.

One is 8 years old and knows better (his mom is awesome).

The other will be 4 in November and his mom lets him run amok.

I think I'd be able to venture a guess as to who did it.




On a happier note, I got a Rockin Girl Blogger award from the equally rockin' Butrfly

I also got a Thoughtful Blogger award from the equally thoughtful Jackie.

Thanks ladies. I'm [blushing] honored!


Butrfly4404 said...

Oh, ew! Nice round of elimination! He sounds pretty suspect.

I'm so mad for you. Eh, I'm PISSED.

super des said...

That kind of thing never occurred to me (at 4 years old) to even try. Put a big question mark over my head.

~JJ! said...

You are totally rockin!!!

And a sleuth too...good job.

Jackie said...


Side note: Anti Icky Poo works great at eliminating cat piss stink. :-p

Worker Mommy said...

Little boys and their doggone penises. Ever since B learned how to go standing up he wants to do it everywhere.

The other weekend my stepdaugther walked in side and said "Did you know he's outside peeing on the lawn ?"

Good lord!

Goldy said...

It's good to have a penis.