Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Princess-isms

Here are some conversations we've had with The Princess. Remember she's almost 4.

Breadwinner:What are you doing?


Breadwinner:Are you making a mess?

Princess:(she doesn't answer)

Breadwinner:Can you help me clean up your mess?

Princess:Can't you just give me a break?


Me:When I grow up, can I be gorgeous just like you?


Me:Mommy can't be gorgeous like Princess?

Princess:No, silly. I not grown up.


On an excursion at Home Depot:

Breadwinner:OK Princess, I expect you to behave. (this is a tactic that I use and it works for me)

Princess:Why? Mommy's not here.


On an car ride to the Breadwinner's office:

Princess:I want to go see Grammie. (this is the breadwinner's mom -- my mom is called Lola)

Breadwinner:You do?

Princess:Yeah, I want Grammie to give me stickers.

Breadwinner:Do you want to go see Grammie because you love her or because you want stickers?

There's a pause while she thinks about it.

Princess:I want the stickers.


~JJ! said...

Ha! She's funny!

Worker Mommy said...

Isn't it funny when they say such 'grown' up things.

Shauna said...

Too funny! Of course, much funnier because it's not my 4 year old saying it. :)

Butrfly4404 said...

You gotta admire the brutal honesty of a four year old.

"I want the stickers." hhahahah. If I ever miraculously get the time to post, I have a super funny thing to add to this (way too long for comments).

Kyle said...

That is awesome - the Princess cracks me up!

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

I think you have your hands full!

kellypea said...

These "language shots" are so perfect! I love the one about not having to behave because you weren't there. I got out the RT's journal the other day and read some of the entries I wrote about his language development and was cracking up. I had forgotten some of it!

Goldy said...

Honesty is a beautiful thing! I like when my niece told my brother's business partner that he looked like a pig.

Jerseygirl89 said...

It sounds like your Princess needs to meet my Ironflower, I think they would have a lot to talk about!