Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Notes on American Idol

In commemoration of the start of the 6th season of American Idol's top twelve, I've decided to comment on each of the contestants. Photos from American Idol Website.

Contestant #1: Blake Lewis

Blake is actually my favorite male contestant. It's not because he's the best vocalist but because I think he's the coolest and most dynamic. I like the beep boxing, the dancing and I've liked the songs that he's picked. I see him as the kind of guy that would do the same type of songs as Paul Oakenfold (Starry Eyed Surprise). Reminds me of: Michael Rapaport (from Beautiful Girls) you'd know who I was talking about when you see him.

Contestant #2: Brandon Rogers

I liked his auditions but he's lost his lustre now. Especially because he couldn't remember the words. Perhaps he should go back to singing background vocals. Reminds me of:Eddie Murphy's portrayal of a Buckwheat that actually knows how to sing.

Contestant #3: Chris Richardson

I like him as a person but I don't like his voice. He kind of sounds like Cartman singing "I'm Sailing Away". Hubby thinks he sounds like the chipmunks. Reminds me of: A nameless generic teenage actor.

Contestant #4: Chris Sligh

Chris is my second favorite male contestant. I like him because he's funny and he sings well. I think though, that he should be lead vocals in a band rather than an American Idol. He always talks about how drop dead gorgeous his wife is. She's cute but she's not as great looking as he seems to think. But I guess all husbands should feel this way about their wives. Reminds me of:The lead singer for the Counting Crows.

Contestant #5: Gina Glocksen

I like Gina. I'd have to say she's my second favorite female contestant. Every year I always like the girl that is sort of the rock vocalist. I think she'd do well singing a Pink song. Reminds me of:Pink-- the singer.

Contestant #6: Haley Scarnato

I don't think that she should have made it because Sabrina Sloan was a MUCH better singer. I'm not sure what happened. Also, she is kind of forgettable as Simon points out except for the fact that she reminds me of someone we all know... Reminds me of:Lacey Peterson who was murdered by her husband while 8 months pregnant.

Contestant #7: Jordin Sparks

I don't really have much to say about her. She's pretty but a little on the chunky side. She's kind of young too. Reminds me of:A chubby Jasmine Guy.

Contestant #8: Lakisha Jones

Awesome singer. But she's not cool enough. Reminds me of:Remember Nell Carter (the star of that show Gimme a Break--with little Joey Lawrence)?

Contestant #9: Melinda Doolittle

Melinda is my favorite female contestant. She's sings really well, she's funny and she doesn't have a chip on her shoulder. My only problem with her is that she has a big head on a little body or it just looks that way because she has no neck. Reminds me of:Gladys Knight in midget form.

Contestant #10: Phil Stacey

I really liked him during the auditions but now I'm over it. He needs to grow out his hair even if he has a receding. Reason? Because he doesn't look like he shaves his head by choice. His ears stick out so he doesn't look good bald (he looks like he's on chemo). Also, he looks like he should be tall and lanky but he's kind of wide around the middle. Reminds me of:The Hunchback of Notre Dame -- crazy eyes, bald head.

Contestant #11: Sanjaya Malakar

When is this kid going to get booted? He can't sing and he picks weird outfits. Reminds me of:An Indian version of Michael Jackson complete with creepy child molester aura and strangely androgynous.

Contestant #12: Stephanie Edwards

She's okay. Reminds me of:A skinnier and more educated Fantasia.

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Redneck Mommy said...

Hey Chicky!

Thanks for stopping by my site and for all your kind words. Did my husband pay you to be nice to me? Cause he's been known to do that to get a little nook, if you know what I mean....LOL!

I ABSOLUTELY love your take on A.I. Laughing my ass off. Especially about Sanjaya and Hayley. And Chris annoys me. I much preferred Sundance. He was hot for a big boy.

I'm cheering for Gina and Melinda. Lakisha's ok but I can see her turning into a diva down the road...