Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Another Live Performance

We went to the House Of Blues in Hollywood last night to see Mat Kearney perform. I hadn't been to a performance at the HOB in years and forgot how tiresome it is being on your feet for four hours. I don't know how the women wearing heels survived the entire show. There were two bands that opened for him-- The Feeling and Rocco DeLuca. The Feeling was okay. Their last songs were decent but some of the other ones were a little cheesy. The lead singer looks a little psycho to me. But then most bands have at least one member that looks a little psycho. Rocco DeLuca was good. I actually liked their sound more than their singing. Earlier, I had seen one of the guitarists at the restaurant portion of the club and I was excited when I saw him on stage. We were walk ins but at the top of the list until he came in sporting a blue wrist band. We wound up eating at the bar anyway so it didn't matter. I've always been a star struck type person but I don't ask for autographs--I just like seeing stars. Although this band hasn't really hit it big time yet I feel like I can call him a star.

When the band was introduced by some woman from Star 98.7, she mentioned that Kiefer Sutherland and a bunny was in the crowd to watch Rocco. I didn't see Kiefer but I did see the bunny. The bunny was absolutely fascinating. He was dancing and grooving. It was kind of psychadelic and scary (Good thing I was stone cold sober otherwise I might have freaked out and got paranoid). I'm thinking he had to be someone famous (perhaps Kiefer?--BTW I looked up Kiefer's itunes list and Rocco is on his list several times) otherwise security would never have let him in. Here's some film of said bunny although it's dark and my cell phone blows when it comes to video. Bunny:

Mat Kearney was excellent. What I really liked about HOB was that it was a much smaller venue than the Gibson where we saw Snow Patrol. We got to see him up close (although in the "filmage" it looks like we're far away). He seems like a such a nice guy. He even introduced his parents and brother while he was on stage. I think he's was kind of a christian rocker(before he got radio time)-- at least that is the impression I get from reading some of the comments on his myspace page.

Mat Kearney:

As an aside, my husband made a comment about how a lot of white people dance funny. I told him that he's a good example of it seeing as how he himself is caucasion and he dances funny (cute but still funny). But when we were at the Snow Patrol concert we saw this lady dancing all crazy (she's on the right hand side and I'm pointing her out):

Here's a little bit from the concert that I posted here. I couldn't find my camera when I posted this entry. If you watch it, you'll notice that it pans to the left and shows people holding out their cell phones. I learned that instead of swaying to music waving their lighters, people now sway to the music holding their cell phones with the light/flashes on. Much safer than the days of lighter waving. So here it is:


Cheryl said...

What's an asside? Haha. Sounds like good times!

Lisa Knight said...

I've only been to a HoB once in Cleveland. My sister took me to see Susan Tedeschi. It was a little (understatement!) more folksy than I am normally into, but her music is addicting! And the opening act was Drew Holcomb, he was amazing & even signed a CD for my sister's birthday! We ate dinner there before too, luckily we had planned on the drive taking longer so we were ultra early...