Thursday, March 29, 2007

The After Effects of Pregnancy

There are a lot of things about pregnancy that people don't tell you about. It's probably because they're scary things. For instance, nobody told me that right after you give birth, you STILL look pregnant. Boy, did that cause me a lot of heartache. People even asked me how far along I was. I wanted to strangle them for being so rude (BTW --It's even worse the second time around).

There's other stuff that happens but I won't go into detail about them because what I really want to blog about today is the hair thing. All through your pregnancy your hair is glorious, shiny and your hair stops falling out. That's right. You don't shed for like--NINE months. Then three or four months after you give birth, they start shedding. Not just a little but GOBS of hair fall out. There's hair on the floor, in the shower, in the crib, clogging the drain, in bed, on your brush, on...well you get the idea. The loss of hair is made even worse because it happens right around the time that the baby starts grabbing at your hair. So every time he grabs at your hair, he's got fistfuls of hair in between his itty bitty fingers. There's so much hair that it begs the question...

"Am I suffering from female patterned baldness?!?!"

So of course I complained to my husband about it. I told him that I was worried because I didn't have this much hair fall out after my daughter was born and that I wondered if it's normal. His response?

"Now you know how I feel."

He suffers from male patterned baldness. But is it really comparable to female patterned baldness? I don't think so. Women over look the loss of hair on a man. In fact, some chicks dig it. But if a woman has a bald head there is no way in hell a man would look twice at her. Shoot, even I would feel sorry for a balding woman and thank my lucky stars that I have hair.

In any event, my hair has started to grow back. But I'm still complaining (what else is new right?). Now, everytime I pull my hair back, there are these little tiny baby hairs sticking up all over my head. So, not only do I look lame in my mommy rags but my hair makes me look like a porcupine.

Here's a pic of it:

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This is an old pic and it's worse now because even MORE hairs have grown back on all parts of my head, not just my forehead.

Guess what my hubb's response was, when I complained about it...

"Lucky." [that it grows back].


kellypea said...

Funny! I remember the hair thing, but I have so much hair, mine falls out like that all the time. I just love those little baby sticky-outie hairs when I'm trying to look nice. And my husband just loves cleaning it out of the drains....Ewwwww.

Butrfly4404 said...


I have really thick hair. For me, that just meant MORE to fall out, I think. I was talking with another girl at work who'd given birth right after me and I mentioned it and the old ladies at the table were like "OH, that's BS!! Your hair doesn't FALL OUT!!" I said, "Well, my doctor just asked me the other day if I was dealing with that and a lot of other post-pregnancy symtoms" "Well," she said, "Your doctor's a QUACK!"

This is the same lady who scoffed when I said I'd quit smoking when I got prego. "I smoked with all four of my kids and they were FINE!!" (SO why don't smoke NOW if it's so wonderful you old hag??)

HAHa, so that was a long story, but I think about it all the time.

And I've always had to deal with the 'growth' stuff...for some reason it happens every spring so when the humidity of summer comes around, the hairs are a couple inches long and curl up. it looks rediculous, really!

Cheryl said...

I was once watching a J Lo documentary about the launch of her clothing line and she was trying to get the models to work the baby hairs. If J Lo says it's sexy I say go with it! We all know that movie stars are always right, right?

My baby hairs are way worse than yours, and at least you have kids to show for it!

Brillig said...

Oh yes. I'm in that lovely postpartum stage right now. There's hair EVERYWHERE and it drives my hubby absolutely batty. Fortunately, since it's baby-related, I can use the old "YOU DID THIS TO ME!!!" with him and that shuts him up because he SO does NOT want to have that conversation. Hahaha. Anyway, yes. It's happened with every one of my babies. In fact, I'm wondering if maybe I'm still losing hair from the FIRST baby... Because seriously, there's nasty hair nastiness everywhere...