Monday, August 27, 2007

Like an Amex

We went to Sonoma last weekend and we did two things that made our trip enjoyable:
  1. We stayed a place with a full kitchen (a cottage)
  2. We brought my mother with us.

I wasn't so sure how the weekend would turn out because my mom and I fight like cats and dogs. But, I didn't fight with her at all. The only disagreement I had with her was over her letting my four year old daughter watch Predator (yes, the one with Arnold Schwazenager and yes, I know you agree with me). Other than that, it was great. It was like bringing a baby sitter and a chef at the same time! My mom cooked all my favorite foods and she watched our kids at night while we went drinking. How awesome!

If my mom found it tolerable, I think we'd like to take her with us on all vacations. She's like an Amex card...we shouldn't leave home without her!


Florinda said...

Glad that worked out so well! We're planning to take my husband's mom on vacation with us and the kids next year.

Anonymous said...

Oh That is wonderful..YaY YOU...

I love Sonoma, we got married in Napa...I could live there...I really could!

Jackie said...

So glad you had a good time! Sounds wonderful! :-)

Butrfly4404 said...

Ha! We *had* to take my 14 yr old brother with us last weekend. My mom couldn't fit him in her car. Boy, did that come in handy! "Hey, Drama King, we're going to run Tony and Kris up to the bar...stay here at the hotel and watch cartoons with the kids, okay?"

haahahaha. MUCH better than bringing my mom...he's a lot nicer and doesn't judge me. Although, I would have appreciated having our own rooms.

exskindiver said...

i hear you.
love taking my parents with us.
chef and childcare rolled into one.
plus my dad is deaf, so we can pretty much say anything.
(you know the privacy thing)
my mom's ears are still good though.

Whiskeymarie said...

Can I take her on vacation too? I'll be in Sonoma in October- just let her know, o.k?
You'd kind of be like her agent- you could make a fortune.

Goldy said...

Sonoma.... ooooh we must live close to each other. Did you visit some good vineyards?

Worker Mommy said...

HaHa...yay for taking Mom.