Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Preschooler Sleep Problems -- SOLVED

Since April 2006, the Princess has had trouble going to sleep. It's a dreaded chore for both the breadwinner and me. We hate it. She always wants us to sleep with her and once we leave, she always comes out (even if we sleep with her until she falls asleep). It's so hard to put her to sleep that she often doesn't even get to bed until 10pm...sometimes even later! What's compounded the problem is that with the exception of once or twice a week...she's given up her naps.

For over a year, we've been miserable with the whole situation. But we may have found a solution...we borrowed our niece, Cousin Princess (CP). That was all it took! I went in there once to tell them to go to sleep and when I checked on them ten minutes later...THEY WERE ASLEEP! So there you have it people, the best way to solve your preschooler's problems...borrow a cousin. CP stayed with us for two glorious nights.

Last night, I had to sleep with her for a few minutes, but she didn't come out. The downside was that she kept saying "I miss my CP. My CP is at Lola's house and I want my CP to come back" (Lola is tagalog for Grandmother and I dropped her off there so my sister could pick her up).

I'll let you know if the Princess regresses. If she does, we may have to borrow CP and her magical powers again.

This is my 100th post!!!


Anonymous said...

Ohhh Happy 100.

I hope your sleep problems continue in the right direction...good luck.

Florinda said...

Congratulations on both your 100th post AND getting the Princess to sleep! Hope both the sleeping and the blogging keep up.

Butrfly4404 said...

HAPPY 100!!

When I was a nanny, I had two separate kids who had problems going to sleep. We fixed them "THE HARD WAY." Which earns its name well.

Before the set bedtime, you take care of all their needs: Drink of water, potty break, make sure they have their night light or stuff toy or whatever else they need. Then you leave them to go to sleep. The first time they get up, you say, "You need to sleep in your bed." And put them back in there. Then every time after that when they get up, you don't say anything, just take them back to bed. One was a screamer. OH, MAN was he a screamer!!! But, it took about three nights and he went down without a fight.

I know it is SO much harder when the parents usually lay down with their kids to get them to go to sleep. Because for so long, something is okay but then it's not okay anymore. (Not that I don't GET wanting your first born baby to feel safe when they go to sleep - trust me, I'm not judging!!)

So, anyway...point being: I REALLY hope Cousin Princess solved your problem. Because the other way IS hard and it makes mommies want to cry, too. That's never good.

Maybe offer her...if she goes to bed without issue for two weeks, CP can spend the night again? Or something along those lines. Something to keep her motivated to sleep alone?

exskindiver said...

congratulations on the 100th!

you think CP will be missed if she has to stay with you indefinitely?
Maybe your sister won't notice?

Worker Mommy said...

Happy 100.

I'm going to go get a cousin immediately. The twins used to be great sleepers but then in the last several months thats changed. They are out of there rooms several times up to two hours past their bed time. It makes me want to scream!

Misty said...

it is true... sometimes (not always...) another child is the magic cure for problems with our own kids... (... and other times they band together in an effort to take over the planet.)

Shauna Loves Chocolate said...

Congrats! On your 100 and on the sleeping solution!

Anonymous said...

Regarding the sleeping solution, I had a similar, problem with my child not been able to sleep at night. I found out that she had wet the mattress.