Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Winter Season

I'm not sure if I've ever described the winter season on my blog before. It's truly the worst season for me. My two youngest children have perpetually dripping noses that generally turn into ear infections within one to two weeks. They generally are not contagious after the first week but people always think they are sick. It's such a nightmare for me though because:

  1. I can't hang out with my friends and their kids (so I go stir crazy)
  2. I can't send them to school (such a waste of money!)
  3. They generally have to go on antibiotics (and how healthy is this really?)
  4. Which means I have to take them to the doctor
  5. which means now that we have crappy health insurance, I have to pay $100 to the doctor and $40 to the pharmacy
  6. I often catch their illnesses.

You see where I'm going with this? It's just an expensive and miserable season for me. I think I'm basically paying my children's preschool money to get my kids ill and have me keep my children at home with me. I almost think that I should just take my kids to the doctor's office and just sit in the sick room. At least it would be free and I'd get the same "immune system build up." However, I think if the CDC or news ever heard about that, they'd be up in arms. I remember watching the news the other day and they were talking about how people were having swine flu parties when people had mild cases of it. That way-- they'd only catch the mild version of the swine flu. Needless to say, the CDC sent out a message quickly that that was a terrible idea (they didn't want virus mutations).

Ho hum. What's a mom to do?

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