Thursday, June 28, 2007

Googlers Crack Me Up

All of a sudden, I've had a whole slew of new search terms appear on my keyword analysis from StatCounter. Some of them are kind of interesting...and it begs the question that I'm actually scared to know the answer of...Did they find what they were looking for???

NOTE: I typed in some of their locations so you'd know where some of these people are coming from. You can click on the image to make it bigger (I know it's hard to read the way it is.


Butrfly4404 said...

Now, I'm no ball sack expert, but don't those things stretch with age?

Not to offend any of your readers who may be from India, but all of my completely crazy searches come from there. Like, your one with the boy/mom's boobs thing - WTF??? Crazy guys (or girls, I guess, I won't be completely bigoted here).

Are you one of the top searches for Ball Sack yet? what if I typed it a bunch of times?

ball sack ball sack ball sack


Cherann said...

Butrfly...always trying to instigate something huh??? And always trying to up my search ratings with crazy phrases like that boy in the leaves thing.

And BTW?? I am the number 1 search (out of almost 30,000) result for Saggy Ball Sack. I may have to create a spectacular badge for it.

Brillig said...

Oh! Oh! You've GOT to create a badge for that!!! That's a very special honor, after all. These are so funny!!! I pray that these people did NOT find what they were looking for here!!

Goldy said...

Those are friggin hysterical. I have stat counter and didn't realize I could see search terms like that.

Janet a.k.a. "Wonder Mom" said...

Gotta love Googlers.

Ball sack. tee hee....

exskindiver said...

catholic mass foreplay lick sucked boob by whom? whu?
hi cherann.
I know it is probably too late for your parent advice column for traveling--but just thought I would share my experiences first hand-from this circus i call my family.
have a good weekend!

We hope to play ball sack in the park later on today.

kellypea said...

Hey Cherann, Long time no read. So very sorry about that. I've been lost in summer. *sigh* But I did want to tell you I used these Sunday posts you write last night when we had people over, trying to explain to them how search engines find us and connect us to strange things.

The Meg Ryan saggy one is a bit strange...