Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sooo Many Things to Be Paranoid About

Why is it so hard to raise kids today? Hmmmm. It could be the many gazillion things that we have to watch out for. Why can't companies just make things that are healthy and safe for us? Why is it so hard to be the kind of company that is socially responsible? Why do they put these things in? Below are some of the things I've been worrying about.
  • Lead in toys
  • Lead in balsamic and red wine vinegar
  • BPA being leeched into our food and drink through unsafe plastics, tin cans, soda cans, baby bottles
  • Hormones in milk causing early puberty
  • Household-phthalate-exposure causing my son to possibly be feminized
  • Nitrates in our meat
  • Toys that cause children to go into coma after swallowing them
  • Teflon poisoning my food
  • Parabens in our sunblock

With all these things to worry about, it's no wonder I'm getting all these gray hairs!


Butrfly Garden said...

seriously, right?

I've gone so old school lately that I amaze myself. (probably not anyone else, though - I'm easily amazed. ;))

Misty said...

i agree... a lot of it I just sort of relaxed about, but I can tell you first hand that the milk thing is true...

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