Monday, February 25, 2008

Random Things

  • I was wondering when the hair swirl in the back of Jr. Peanut's hair would go away so I asked by hubby. Apparently it doesn't go away and my husband still has his (or what's left of it.)
  • Do you think the Princess will resent the fact that I still don't know what to do with her curly hair?
  • I quit my "job" as newsletter editor for my mom's group after an argument with another mom about conficting events. March is my last newsletter.
  • I haven't had time to read very much. So I am officially a FORMER bookworm. I'm probably now more of a TIVO couch potato and former blogger. :-(
  • I've always wondered why they made "no iron" clothing for men but not for women (conspiracy! They're trying to MAKE us iron). I watched Oprah the other day and Brooks Brothers makes a no-iron fitted button down shirt. AWESOME! I'm buying it. . . but where would I wear it? On the way to pick up the Princess from pre-school?
  • Of the 12 male American Idol finalists, I'd have to say that Luke Menard is the hottest. He could definitely pass for Orlando Bloom.


Worker Mommy said...

Two kids and one on the way... I'd say that gives you a fair excuse for being a former blogger.
Hang in there!

Misty said...

Sorry to hear of your falling out but i am SOOO happy to see you post. Major sadness here to the former blogger comment... :(

Butrfly Garden said...

Hey, Hon! Thanks for *stopping by* today!!! So glad to see you post.

How's the pregnancy going??

You don't have to be a "former" blogger. You can be a "blogger on personal leave. return date: TBD" (That way you can sneak in posts to say hi every once in a while).

Curly Hair - I can actually get you advice for that if you'd like. My friend's daughter has extremely curly hair and it always looks cute. What are you wondering?

Florinda said...

Don't say "former" blogger - "occasional," maybe. It's nice to see you back, even just once in awhile.

Agree with you about Luke Menard - my husband said he looks like "the love child of Orlando Bloom and Patrick Dempsey." He hasn't wowed me on the singing, though.

exskindiver said...

is that hair swirl like a puyo?
supposedly that is a sign of being mischievous.