Monday, January 21, 2008

Life After Pregnancy

After I had my children, not only did I gain my precious babies, but I also gained about 15 extra pounds and some hefty stretch marks. My stretch marks weren't so bad after the Princess but they were HORRIBLE after Jr. Peanut (my stretch marks had stretch marks). It was really quite depressing. I cried about it (it was probably a little post partum too).

Everyone I spoke to-- all my mommy friends seemed to not be affected by stretch marks. Not my sisters in law, not my brother in law's wife, not a single person in my mom's group. How could this possibly be? Every book I read said that 50% of mothers get stretch marks and I'm the only one that I know that has them. A true bummer. Even all the celebrities look pretty good like Brooke Burke, Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson and even Britney Spears!

Then I saw this over the holidays and it made feel much better:


Can you believe that that's Cindy Crawford in the top right picture that I circled? Yes, the beautiful, former super model. I'm glad there's some kind of reality out in celebrity land. Hope this makes all the other moms that have stretch marks just as proud!

P.S. Thanks everyone for the congratulations! I'm pretty excited and scared about #3. My husband and I maintain that the third child always rocks! (I'm #3 of 3 kids and he's #3 of 4 kids)


Misty said...

well, with both of you in position number 3- you KNOW this baby will be completely awesome!

Jackie said...

Yeah, but all those celebrities that look good have had surgery from the best plastic surgeons (I don't care if they deny it - being a mom I KNOW that they have.)
Stretch marks suck but they are worth it (I have them too.) However, maybe someday I'll win the lottery and can visit one of those celebrity surgeons ;-)

Life As I Know It said...

Ugh, my stomach muscles will never return to pre-baby days. But definitely worth it!
Congrats on number 3!

Worker Mommy said...

I've seen that Cindy Crawford pic and yes thank goodness we get a glimpse of a real after pregnancy tummy and not the air-brushed or surgically enhanced or liposuctioned tummys of others.

And if it makes you feel any better I went through practically my whole pregnancy with no stretch marks...then about a month before I delivered...a couple developed. I was mortified.

exskindiver said...

i hear ya.
plus my belly button now looks like a portabella mushroom.
i wouldn't trade the kids though, to get it all back to normal--they seem worth it.

chersdyls said...

Seriously? I don't even think the picture of Cindy Crawford looks that bad. It's a shame women have such impossible standards they feel they need to live up to. Funny thing is, I think most men would not even notice the stretch marks (most straight men that is). Why do we have to buy into this need to look perfect? So we can buy expensive beauty products and keep the economy stimulated, that's why! Just my mini-rant. I really don't think you need to worry so much about how you look.

Shauna Loves Chocolate said...

And notice that the women who have the nicest bodies in that pic are the ones who didn't have kids?
So glad to see a real tummy on a magazine cover. Too bad they have to make nasty comments about it. Hmph.

Jerseygirl89 said...

The truth is, Cindy Crawford's tummy still looks a hell of a lot better than mine. Another sad truth: All my stretch marks are so low that they are concealed by my mommy tummy roll. I'm not sure if this is okay or horrifying.

Whiskeymarie said...

I look like that and I can't even blame it on having kids.