Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Time Suckage

I wish I could say that the reason I haven't been blogging regularly is because I've been living a fantastically busy life these past couple weeks. Truthfully though, it's because I've been spending too much time in front of the boob tube. With the onset of TIVO/DVR, I find that I watch WAY more TV, especially now that there are many good new shows out there. At any rate, here is a list of the shows I watch:
  • Grey's Anatomy--By far my most favorite show and my "Must-See-TV" (i.e. I have to watch it live in HD). I kind of feel though that it doesn't hold as much excitement for me as the previous 3 seasons. Maybe it's because the Meredith/Derek romance is kind of on the skits. Come on Shonda Rimes, can't Meredith get over her relationship issues? I used to love this show so much that I read Shonda's blog and listened to their podcast religiously. Now-- with all the other shows I have to watch-- I only have time to watch the actual show. Also, it's worth a mention-- Patrick Dempsey is the hottest male doctor on TV by far and in my opinion, the hottest actor on TV.
  • Heroes--This show is the coolest show out there. I think it appeals to both genders. Last night's show, got me riled up and thinking about the possibilites. I think that Adam is the father of the Petrelli men.
  • Men In Trees-- I really like this show. My sister told me that I would really like it and of course I did. I think most of the shows I watch have to have some sort of relationship that I really love. Marin & Jack's relationship falls into that category.
  • Friday Night Lights--I had a "discussion" with a friend of mine about this show. We both love it, but she says Riggins would be the guy she would have lusted after during high school. I on the other hand like Sereson (QB1). What I want to know is, how come there weren't this many good looking guys at MY high school?
  • Samantha Who?--I really like this show. Sometimes I feel a little disappointed that it's a half hour long though.
  • Brother's & Sisters--I used to only watch this show because I felt like I had invested too much time in it to give it up. Now, I actually like the show. The family kind of reminds me of the Breadwinner and his family.
  • Beauty & the Geek--How can anyone not watch this show? Ashton Kutcher is a genius. If you ever feel stupid-- watch this show. It's an elimination show where the couples complete challenges in order to avoid elimination. The challenges force the geeks to be less geeky and the beauty to learn something. The women were soo brainless that when told that they were going to complete a challenge that involved reading and arithmetic...one of the beauties had no idea what arithmetic was!!! One of them also thought the moon and the sun were the same thing.
  • Journeyman--I didn't like this show at first but it has gotten better and better. I loved Quantam Leap as a teenager and this show is kind of like it but with a little more excitement.
  • Ugly Betty--I started watching this show simply because it was right before Grey's Anatomy. Now I watch it because I like it. It's like a Desperate Housewives for the fashion world. Very soap opera-ish and outlandish.
  • Lost--When is this show going to start up again?
  • ChuckSometimes this show is good and sometimes it's not. I don't watch it religiously.
  • Big Shots--This show is like Desperate Housewives for men. I watch it because my husband likes it and it's right after Grey's.
  • Private Practice--I don't really like this show because the people aren't very good looking to me. I know that sounds shallow, but it was a spin off of Greys Anatomy where everyone is just so...attractive! It's also about a bunch of 40 something year olds that are all single! Which is kind of boring to me.
  • Dirty Sexy Money--I liked the first episode, but it has failed to impress me since. Like Big Shots, I watch it because my hubby likes it.
  • Carpoolers--This show is actually pretty funny. Once you get past the first few episodes.
  • October Road--It's starting up soon. Not a great show but I think it has potential.

What are YOUR favorite shows? I know a lot of you like The Office. I'd probably watch it too but it conflicts with Grey's Anatomy.

Perhaps, with the onset of the Writer's Strike, I will have more time to blog and read blogs. But with NaBloPloMo, it's making it difficult for me to catch up and the strike probably won't affect us until after the holidays. But oh well. I'll try my best.


Butrfly Garden said...

Love, Love, Love, Love, LOOOOOOOVE Heroes. Love it. (No, really, I really love it.)

Last night, I started yelling "YOU BETTER DO THE RIGHT THING BOB!!! YOU BETTER SAVE HIM! YOU KNOW YOU CAN!!!" "I KNEW he'd do the right thing...Now I can't wait to find out WHY!"

I like Chuck, too, but I'm usually stuck doing the dishes while that's on.

And, of course, LOVE the office. That's probably my favorite show ever.

I didn't get into Journeyman - The Man and I both called it being an updated Quantam Leap - but I made myself a little vow not to get into any more new shows. Time suckage, as you say.

I wondered if that Sam show was any good. I really like her, but I never seem to catch it.

Butrfly Garden said...

(wow, get me talking about TV, huh?)

Jackie said...

Oh, GAWD how I love television - don't even get me started...
OK, too late...

I think I'm like the last person on Earth who doesn't have TiVo. It's actually kind of good since I really don't have all that much time and I think I would get depressed that I had so many things saved that I have no time to watch...

I LOVE The Office - my favorite. I really like the whole Thursday night line up - My Name is Earl, 30Rock (Oh, man 30 Rock is funny!), The Office and Scrubs.

I loved the first season of Heroes but then kind of lost interest this season. It just seemed like it was getting kind of slow, and spending too much time on some story lines, plus just kind of throwing new people in... Short attention span on my part probably. But, I read an article in EW (I think) where the creator was saying how he realized that he's made some mistakes, etc. and he's going to get back on track and it'll start to get better again so I think I'll go back to it because I really, really, really liked the first season.

Lost is one of my other favorites -that starts back up in February - I can't wait!

Ok, I guess maybe I should just write a blog post about this because Geez! *ramble, ramble, ramble...*

Misty said...

really??? the father of the Patrelli men? I hadn't thought of that. I want to know who the secret woman is...

As for lost, last I heard it won't be until Fall because of the Writer's Strike.

As for Samantha Who, I completely Agree!!!

DaBookLady said...

I love LOST...and yes it will not be on again till Feb 2008...boo hoo...I also love CSI, Law and Order and I am a Lifetime junkie!!! And I liek Sci-Fi when they have the older goodie ones on like Giant Spiders and Bugs..."B" grade but fun to watch. And what about Godzilla??? I also indulge in others like Two 1/2 Men, The Big Bang, Terms of Engagement and The new Moonlighting....vampires...oh yes...I too spend way too much time there????

Worker Mommy said...

Nip Tuck and Desperate Housewives fan here!

Oh yeah and My name is Earl and the CSI and...well I just really loves me some TV...but those are my faves.

Brillig said...

Our lists are very similar, I confess! I'm bracing myself for my shows to be affected by the strike... Stupid strike.

Whiskeymarie said...

I really (honestly) only watch shows when they come out on DVD as I work evenings.
But I love "The Office", "My Name is Earl", "Nip/Tuck", "Weeds", and surprising even to me, "Battlestar Gallactica".
Seriously. I don't get it either, but it sucked me in.
Beyond that the only show I watch with any regularity is "The Simpsons", cause I'm home Sunday nights.

Life As I Know It said...

I get sucked into Thursday night tv on NBC...earl, office, scrubs, 30-rock and er.

Other than that, I don't watch too much except a lot of HGTV. I'm a sucker for home improvement shows.

Jerseygirl89 said...

I'm so thrilled you mentioned Friday Night Lights! Not enough people love that show, which is a shame. But I have to agree with your friend - I like Sereson, but I'm all about Riggins.

KARAN said...

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